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Induction tomorrow- any top tips?

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Spottyladybird Mon 21-Nov-16 18:56:45

This is DC2, with DD I went into labour at 8 days over but I'll be 12 days over tomorrow and nothing!
I'm going to be induced tomorrow, does anyone have any top tips?
I'm aware that I can refuse induction but have had an awful pregnancy and am suffering with SPD so have decided to go for it.

Pocketsizedpixie Mon 21-Nov-16 18:59:08

I had to hang around on the ward for ages before they even did anything, take a book!

user1479720214 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:28:15

Keep moving as much as possible and stay positive. I was induced at +9 with DS and within 24 hours of my first induction meds, he was born. Walked a few circuits of the hospital, which I think helped move things along.
Good luck!

NutellaCookie Mon 21-Nov-16 22:54:21

As PP said keep moving....walking, bouncing on birthing ball etc. I'm sure it helped speed things up for me.

And take things to keep you entertained Ipad, books, magazines etc.

Good luck!

Notsoaccidentproneanymore Mon 21-Nov-16 23:10:28

Take food and drinks. You can guarantee that if its meal time something will happen and you won't get fed till after the baby's born - however long that may be.

And stuff to do while you wait around - books, listen to music etc.

Both ds's were induced. Ds1 took 5 hours from now on induction, so not much time to do anything. I still missed tea, despite him being born at 3pm.

Ds2 took 15 hours. Plenty of time to sit around watching tv, walk around, have a bath etc. whoever is with you will probably get bored too. With ds2, dh had a stroll up to the shopping centre, browsed the shops and had a pizza. He was gone about 2 hours. And I was still sat waiting for something to happen when he arrived back.

superram Mon 21-Nov-16 23:26:21

If you have the suntocin drip (ages after pessary-my waters went but no labour happened) have an epidural. It was madness not having it and I thought I had been hit by a bus.

Spottyladybird Tue 22-Nov-16 05:48:52

I had a syntocin drip last time. I will not be having it again.

Thanks for all your ideas. Most of which I think I've covered with my vast amounts of packing.
Main thing to remember- keep moving!

Totallybonkersmum Tue 22-Nov-16 06:07:54

When any birth related twinges come on, WALK! I walked up and down the corridor when I was induced. It helped with the pain so much and so well that the midwives didn't believe that I was in labour. I actually demanded that they check.
Then they were like omg, we had better phone your hubs and tell him to come pdq. (Last time he made numerous sandwiches and flasks of coffee galore. I was desperate to go, but everyone told me that I'd be ages yet. I wasn't. Because it was so fast, people thought I was 'lucky'. I wasn't. It was short, fast, violent and very traumatic. I had PTSD for a long time after.)
Hubs arrived pdq, just in time, even though he moaned about missing breakfast (deserves a smack around the chops, for that one, ladies?!) but he didn't have long to wait.
The labour was actually nearly three times longer, but I'm sure the walking helped with the pain and the progress.
I'd rather have the second three times longer birth than the first one, even now. Definitely. I was far less traumatised afterwards, without a shadow of a doubt. So Walk, walk and walk. Take an iPod with you to take your mind off things to make the walking less boring if need be. Maybe walk in time to the music or some gentle swaying!
Good luck!

Redkite10a Tue 22-Nov-16 06:28:27

I haven't been induced, but have got as far as discussions about it both times. From what friends have told me, early labour at night on the ward can be hard. They suggested taking a TENS to help with early labour pains, and highly recommended a bath. The other one it would be worth taking from my experience if you have one is a pump for birthing balls, they were all flat in my hospital.

I'd also pack your own paracetamol (for before and after) and ibuprofen (for after) in case the staff are busy and drug rounds get delayed.

Redkite10a Tue 22-Nov-16 06:31:51

Oh if you have a tennis ball, I found my partner rubbing it on your lower back through contractions very effective. You can sort of do it yourself by lying on the ball.

Spottyladybird Tue 22-Nov-16 07:05:51

I'm fine with how to cope in labour red as I said before this DC2.

Thanks for all your ideas.

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