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Wexham or Royal Berks

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Nicky2468 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:15:03

Hi all,
Could anyone please help me out with deciding between these two hospitals? Unfortunately Royal Berks don't do tours of the Labour Ward which makes it hard to make a clear choice. I'd like to hear from experience at these hospitals since Wexham has been taken over by Frimley Health as I've heard it's made a difference there!

GuessHowMuchILoveGin Wed 16-Nov-16 10:13:20

I had both babies at RBH and I would hesitate to return there. First spontaneous labour, started off in the MLU which is lovely, but had to transfer to delivery suite and had the baby in theatre. Postnatally I was in for three days and the ward was busy but care was good. I was lucky because I had my own room.

Second baby (this summer) was induced so in for a few days. Again, wards were busy but I felt looked after well. Baby born on delivery suite, little wait for an epidural as the anesthetists were all in theatre but nothing ridiculous. Postnatally things were efficient and I was home 12h later. Everything was clean and the staff were lovely.

I have no experience of Wexham but happy to answer any other questions about RBH if I can.

GuessHowMuchILoveGin Wed 16-Nov-16 10:14:08

Wouldn't hesitate to return there. Fecking autocorrect. I would happily go back!

Me624 Fri 18-Nov-16 19:39:32

I gave birth at RBH in March. I would say the care I had during labour was amazing. Like Guess I started off in the MLU which was lovely. Unfortunately I had to transfer to the delivery suite as DS did not want to come out and he was eventually delivered by forceps. I had an amazing consultant deliver him and stitch me up herself. The midwives were fab (I had four as there was a shift change).

Once transferred onto the postnatal ward things were not so great. It was very very busy when I was there, I stayed in for two nights and they just did not have enough staff imo to adequately care for everyone. I couldn't wait to get out.

So yeah, delivery amazing, postnatal ward not so.

Most of my friends gave birth at Frimley and have sung its praises, so if Wexham has been taken over by them then I'd say that's a good thing.

Duckstar Fri 18-Nov-16 19:42:09

RBH all the way. Started under Wexham for my 1st. Horrible consultant. Moved to RBH. 3 difficulty pregnancies. Care I recieved was outstanding - from the prenatal appointments to breastfeeding clinic post birth. Highly recommend.

peanutbutter310 Fri 18-Nov-16 19:56:07

I'm making the same decision at the minute, so watching this thread with interest!

Duckstar, how long ago were you at Wexham? I was told it's gotten much better recently.

Duckstar Fri 18-Nov-16 20:14:51

2011. But I was admitted in 2015 to Wexham. Was in HDU with meningitis while 23 weeks pregnant and the Obstetric team were horrendous. Didn't visit even though requested by HDU consultant for 4 days even though I was at hugh risk of going into labour. Didn't contact my Consultant at RBH. After a week a registrar came and saw me and told me lots of scary information about how I would need to be under regular review. When I asked if he would forward this information onto RBH answer was no.

In contrast, as soon as I was discharged went to GP rang my consultant at RBH who saw me next day. Made sure I had a scan that day to reassure me. Wonderful through out rest of my pregnancy. Special Fetal medical scans. I developed serious Anxiety and they worked in conjunction with psychiatrist. They were just wonderful.

Nicky2468 Sun 20-Nov-16 13:19:00

Thanks for all these replies. It seems so far like RBH is better. Unfortunately Wexham is about 10 minutes closer to me so maybe I should bear that in mind as well. I'm assuming I can change to RBH now and, in a worse case scenario, change back again if I decided, although I'd rather not do that! It's a shame RBH don't offer a tour of the ward. Peanutbutter, I'd be interested in finding out what you decide then - when are you due?

mimiholls Sun 20-Nov-16 15:19:10

I had my baby at RBH in August by planned c section and couldn't fault it- all the staff were amazing. The post natal ward was a little stretched but care was still good. However I know it does close every so often if they are busy and women are sent to Oxford or Southampton. This happened to a friend of mine.
My GP did not recommend I go to Wexham- she used to work there and felt unable to vouch for it, however it does seem to have improved a lot recently.

Fevertree Sun 20-Nov-16 15:21:24

I loved wexham, the care was brilliant and even tho I had to move to the delivery suite they were very kind and let me return to the post natal ward in the birthing centre which was much nicer.

peanutbutter310 Sun 20-Nov-16 17:11:59

Nicky2468 I'm due in April. Down for Wexham at the minute so that I can get my scans done locally (St Marks), but my midwife recommended a visit to Wexham in the new year, when the ongoing refurb is a bit further along, before I make the final decision. Agree it's annoying not to be able to visit RBH for proper comparison!

Nicky2468 Mon 21-Nov-16 09:23:40

I'm due the end of March and have had the same issue with wanting to use St Marks for my scans. I'll stick with Wexham for my next Antenatal appointment in a couple of weeks time, then go and see it in the New Year. If I'm not too impressed then I think I'll go to RBH instead.

backinthebox Mon 21-Nov-16 09:39:07

No need to go into details to a pregnant woman - you don't want a horror story. I had my first baby at RBH and the only good thing I have to say about the place is that the SCBU is fabulous. Leave aside the fact that it was the actions of the staff during my labour that resulted in her being in SCBU (and me in HDU, which was f*cking awful, 5 days of my life and the first 5 days of my daughter's life that all the joy was robbed from.) As a result of my experience I chose combined care between a private midwife and Basingstoke second time round. It also gave me a new motto - never let anyone with an eyepatch on anywhere near you with a scalpel!

Princesspinkgirl Sat 03-Dec-16 20:12:43

Wexham is lovely

PenguinSalute Sat 03-Dec-16 20:18:56

Hi OP I had my first on MLU at RBH and it was amazing from start to finish. Was in and out and didn't go up to delivery or onto the ward postnatally though so couldn't comment on that bit. Went in a couple of times before with concerns and was always seen quickly etc though. Will be having DD there in March and have no concerns. No direct experience of Wexham Park, but DH is a police officer who has spent a lot of time there professionally and he's always said he would never let me get treated there...

EachPeachPearPlum83 Sun 04-Dec-16 18:29:01

I had my DD at WPH and could not fault the care I received there during labour. MW was fantastic and post natal care was fine. I agree with a PP though that some of the consultants I saw during pregnancy were awful and one was downright rude! But the MWs were great, although I don't really remember seeing the same one more than once!

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