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Whipps Cross vs North Middlesex birthing centres

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GordonBennett2017 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:38:35

I know this is not a new topic however I'm looking for some up to date information. We live 10 mins from Whipps Cross and about 20 mins frim North Middlesex. I'm planning on giving birth at a birth centre. I was originally referred to Whipps but I've heard bad reports so now thinking of North Mid. My partner would prefer the shorter travel....views? Thanks in advance!

LanaJH3393 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:11:28

first whipps....when i arrived they didnt have any space to put me so put me on a sick childrens ward...i was there foraround 12 hours to which they gave me gas and air and diamorphine....i was then put into a private room which i made just intime as i got on the bed i was legs open ready to push....i started pushing at 8cm.....the midwife i had was really nice and talked me through it all and disnt try and force anything on me......i had a small tear which she stitched up no problem.....i was then left to it for myself in this room for 12 hours ...a midwife then tried to do a hearing test on baby but she kept moving around and i was told "shes hungry she hungry feed her" ...which i already had but didnt take that as an answer and i was wrong.....then when it come to leaving...i told my other half to get me a wheelchair as i couldnt walk...and he was told...if she cant walk then shes not going home......i had the embarrasment of "holding myself" whilst hunched over and trying to get back to the car....which is another thing....bcoz i never actually made it onto the labour ward....where i was in a sick childrens ward...they refused to give us the ticket for free parking so my other half had to pay £20 parking charge...which we challenged but they stuck by their now 36weeks with 2nd baby but have moved to colchester....i cant give u any info on birthing centres but i hope this info helps your choice

soundsystem Fri 17-Feb-17 16:08:57

Not entirely answering your question but... are you aware of the Neighbourhood Midwives pilot that's running at the moment? Assuming you're in E10, E11 or E17 (if you're 10 mins from Whipps) and low risk (as you mention a birth centre) it might be of interest. You get a named midwife and all your antenatal care happens at home. Then they look after you for 6 weeks postnatally as well.

Antenatal care at Whipps is - in my experience - a bit of a shambles. I found Homerton to be better on that front. No experience of labour at either (two home births, one under the care of the (now sadly defunct) Whipps Cross Homebirtb team, the second with Neighbourhood Midwives).

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