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34weeks and suspect I have a prolapse

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tillytubby Sun 06-Nov-16 22:56:05

I am 34 weeks with dc2 and have been feeling a lot of pressure down below very early on in this pregnancy. I can now feel two blobs entirely obscuring the entrance to my vagina that can be pushed out of the way.

I am concerned that I have some sort of prolapse and am absolutely terrified as to what this means in terms of giving birth. I had a third degree tear with my first and have only just got signed off by the consultant last week as ok to go ahead for vaginal delivery again.

Also kicking myself as to why I have not noticed this sooner. Sex has been normal but bladder function and pressure below have been pretty bad for a few weeks.

Can anyone help?

iniquity Mon 07-Nov-16 13:54:20

Personally I think you would be better going for a c section in your case. Then after birth you will need pelvic floor physio.

pinguina16 Mon 07-Nov-16 18:51:03

What are your thoughts on a c-section?
Do you understand the risks? How many future children have you got in mind?

Because of the time frame, if you'd like a c-section I'd pull all the stops. Ask your midwife first and see what they say but don't wait. Always ask them what the next step is and if needs be get in touch with the consultant who was following you.
You have every right to change your mind. Also your circumstances have changed since your "discharge".

If you'd have preferred a medical opinion before deciding, I'd say broadly speaking the agenda of the NHS is to promote vaginal delivery and the final call should always be the patient's. I'm trying to say that even if you had more time to discuss things, the final decision is / should always be yours.

Whatever you decide for your delivery, I'd also push to be referred to a pelvic floor clinic. You may not see anyone before birth but at least you'd be lined up to get the best advice postpartum and make the best recovery.

Let us know what you decide and how you get on.

Josieannathe2nd Mon 07-Nov-16 19:57:57

Don't panic!!! Call your midwife, see if she is able to assess you & see what sort of prolapse you have. Get a referral to women's health Physio, even I if you don't get an appt till after birth it will be useful. And start doing pelvic floor exercises!!

Think about a c-section, but the jury is out on whether giving birth vaginally will make it worse or not- compared with 9 months of pressure from carrying a baby, it's only a short period of time.

Most of all remember that lots of prolapses get better! Mine was worse 10 days after giving birth (should have rested more- however you give birth make sure you rest properly). In hindsight it has been there the last month of pregnancy but didn't affect giving birth at all, but talk to your midwife about positions etc. 3 months post birth I was significantly better. By a year I was happily doing gentle exercise classes and yoga and by 2 years I would have strayed running if wasn't for another pregnancy. I still remember it as the most terrifying feeling ever though, feeling like your insides are falling out and I remember worrying that I would never be able to go for a walk or go back to work and it has improved way more than I imagined. Hormones also have a lot to answer for and after you've given birth the levels gradually reduce and everything is less stretchy again.

tillytubby Mon 07-Nov-16 23:39:33

I phoned the midwives who have sent me off to hospital to be assessed. Currently sitting with a catheter in waiting for a doctor, oh the glamour!

My feeling is I absolutely do not want a c section if possible. It's been a long journey back from the third degree tear to get to the point where I was last week feeling really positive about giving birth vaginally in my local midwife unit.

Obviously if it comes down to it I will have a c section but im so down about being back to square one with this choice to make because of my defective fanjo.

I've even been thinking I've made a mistake thinking I could go through Pregnancy again and that I'm going to be ruining my son's life by being ill post birth again.

This is all speculation at the moment but my anxiety has well and truly kicked in.

Thanks for the replies though it really helps.

Winniethepooer Wed 16-Nov-16 23:34:43

How are you Op?

I realised after the birth of my 5th dc that I had a prolapse.

I had a 4th degree tear with my first dc.

All babies born vaginally. Dc 6 made no difference to the prolapse.

The menopauae was the biggest factor!

tillytubby Sun 20-Nov-16 19:55:00

Hi Winnie, sorry only just seen this.

Was eventually seen by a registrar in the maternity assessment ward at 330am and, after a ten minute chat and examination, diagnosed a prolapsed bladder. She said I didn't automatically have to have a c section but I could consider it.

Back home and the midwives at my local birthing centre are positive and supportive about me going for a vaginal birth. But I've been referred back to the consultant for one final assessment during the day that hopefully will be a more in depth discussion and then I might finally be ready to make a choice.

Honestly though, how I feel right now is depressed, teary all the time and like I'm going to regret the decision either way I choose :-(
I really appreciate your response though. What sort of positions or midwife care helped with avoiding a tear and managing the prolapse in your subsequent births?

Josieannathe2nd Thu 24-Nov-16 22:39:20

Avoiding constipation! As much as possible both in pregnancy and after. My subsequent birth was a water birth which I think has helped too. Ideally not a prolonged pushing phase but I don't see how you can control that really- maybe keeping active, changing positions to give baby a good chance to get into a good position? I think that pregnancy yoga or Pilates would also help as the stronger your core muscles are the more they are able to work with your pelvic floor (or at least not add problems!)

It's such an emotional thing to happen to you though, whether you do decide for a section or not give yourself time to think & it's normal to be upset & anxious. It's completely different to a broken bone! Was the catheter just for assessment or are you keeping it in? Is there a plan to manage your bladder or symptoms to look out for?

Josieannathe2nd Thu 24-Nov-16 22:42:56

Also- rest- during pregnancy and in the first few weeks afterwards. Not bed rest but seriously no lifting, see how long you can be on your feet fit until you get symptoms and do less than that! E.g a few 10 min walks might be fine but not 30mins in one go.

Imstickingwiththisone Sun 27-Nov-16 20:31:56

Hi tillytubby im in a similar position to you. Im 33 weeks now and was diagnosed with a uterine prolapse at 28 weeks. No idea of knowing how bad it is until after the baby's here. I feel the same as you, pressure down below and stress incontinence, which since I have a chronic cough makes me feel like I'm wearing a nappy. The pressure when im walking isnt painful or too uncomfortable but gets me down as a constant reminder that my organs are slipping out of me.

Ive been recommended to go for a vaginal birth but have been told I wouldn't be refused an elcs if I opted for that. My first birth was pretty rubbish with forceps and PPH and while I've been told its unlikely to happen again, im not filled with confidence that they care tbh and there are no guarantees even if they did. I think I will be opting for an ELCS and hoping for an easy recovery because I think the regret would torment me if I opted for a vaginal delivery and the prolapse was severe. I don't think I could cope with knowing it might be self inflicted and that major surgery is certain regardless.

I hope you are doing well and am truly sorry that your pregnancy has ended up with these worrying decisions.

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