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CS next week!!

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user1478182585 Thu 03-Nov-16 14:33:29

Hello ladies,

So I'm waiting on a phone call to get my CS date for next week (39 weeks next Saturday) I am getting nervous and unsure on what to expect. Before during and after!
I've been reading that i may be constipated- what advice can you give on this?
I also want to breast feed? How does this work if my milk hasn't come in by then? I've brought some newborn pre made bottles for the hospital in case!
How long do most people stay in hospital? I keep having bad dreams (when I finally fall asleep) about dropping the baby in hospital and all sorts!
I'm scared!! Feeling abit alone with it all as my partner has been working really hard the last few weeks and I've barely seen him.

Don't really know who to turn to right now.

mrswright25 Thu 03-Nov-16 15:48:59


I had a emergency section with my first back in October 13 an I'm due to have a planned one with my 2nd due in December.
I didn't get constipated but I've heard a few people take peppermint tea with them for help with wind and constipation.
I think 2 nights is maybe the normal time an that's how long i stayed in and I'm expecting that again.
The bed moves to the sitting position so you can pick your newborn up and there's a button to call the nurses for help.
My experience even in an emergency wasn't too bad I'm actually looking forward to it this time, don't worry once you have your baby all the pain will be worth it!! smile hope all goes well xx

SweepTheHalls Thu 03-Nov-16 15:53:43

The nurses and health care assistants were brilliant at passing DD to me every time she wanted to feed. Honestly, it hurt much more than I thought it would, so don't be brave and take the drugs! There is lots of support to help you feed if you want to, but you won't be made to if you don't want to. Good luck flowers

shatteredmumtobe Thu 03-Nov-16 15:57:16


Sorry to hear you're so worried.

I was in a similar situation 3 weeks ago, I had an ELCS after realising my DS was to big to give birth naturally.

I went in on the Friday at midday, had my section at 2pm and was out on Sunday morning, I didn't have constipation at all. I wasn't going to breastfeed so I'm not sure on that one but my breasts didn't even begin to get full until the Wednesday after.

The midwifes passed the baby to me on the Friday night as I still had no feeling in my legs , the next day I got up and had a shower, it was sore but not unbearable. I had similar fears about dropping him etc (not only because he was my first but he was 11lbs and I had no energy) all I can say is it was no where near as bad as I had convinced myself it would be, it actually was over in a flash.

I had a few complications with blood loss etc and I was still out on the Sunday, make sure you pack a pillow for the car journey home (to put under your seatbelt).

Good luck and I hope you manage a bit of sleep flowers

user1478182585 Thu 03-Nov-16 16:56:50

Thanks ladies, not as bad as I thought then. I had my ovary removed and it was a big op due to the size of the cyst so I guess I kinda have some sort of expectation with regards to the pain and being able to move.
I assume it's all natural to worry and stress. She is breach which is why they want to CS. Tried a turn 3 times but she wasn't having any of it. I guess what's meant to be will be!

Thanks for all your advice.


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