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RAH Paisley?

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SunnyDayDreaming101 Wed 02-Nov-16 15:49:26

Hi all,

Anyone planning to or recently given birth at the RAH in Paisley?

New to mumsnet and hoping for a little advice please.

I've been told my local hospital and where I will give birth is the RAH in Paisley, I
Really want an epidural for pain management and worries this won't be available.
Also they have a labour suite and a midwife unit, anyone have any experience of this or should I ask for a transfer to the queen Elizabeth (old southern general?)

Thanks!!! smileconfused

Nicketynac Wed 02-Nov-16 16:01:14

I had both my kids there. You can get an epidural if you go into the consultant led unit. Even if you start out as midwife led (gas and air and pethidine are the strongest they have) then you can get moved downstairs if you need more pain relief.
I chose it over the QEUH as it is quieter although IMO QEUH has better neonatal facilities so if you went into labour early I would head straight there instead.
When I had DS five years ago, we got a tour of the midwife led unit and it was lovely. I think there was only one birthing pool, don't know how many QEUH has. Had both kids in the consultant led unit but only got to see triage and the actual rooms I had babies in, which were fine. Clean and well equipped.
DD was born earlier this year and had first scan then amnio at QEUH. Scanning rooms were fine and staff in Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit were great. Waiting area for routine scans is small and has a low ceiling which irritated me greatly for some reason.

SunnyDayDreaming101 Wed 02-Nov-16 16:17:07

Thank you so much!

I'm worried about painkillers tha make me woozy, I even struggle with co-codamol and I don't won't to be out of it and being sick. Would prefer to skip the gas and air/pethadine etc so I actually get to be there and not just in body!

I'm being told I am with the midwife unit just now, have my next appointment later next week and will bring it up then. Fingers crossed they are ok with that, or is it my choice?

This new mum thing is scary business but so exciting shock xxxx

LittleBee23 Thu 10-Nov-16 22:09:43

I had my first at the RAH. I wanted to go to the midwife led unit but had meconium in waters so just popped downstairs to consultant unit so they could keep more of an eye on baby. I didn't have time for an epidural as things then happened quickly but I could have had one there if needed.

I had a homebirth with dd2 so can't comment second time around.

I asked for my care to be transferred to the RAH as the QE is going through so many changes and is so big that I wasn't keen to go there even though I was meant to be there due to where I lived.
The first time I transferred my care at 16 weeks and immediately my appointments and bloods and everything were dealt with quicker.

Second time I started my care with RAH and everything was so much more efficient than my early pregnancy first time when I'd been under QE.

It's also so much easier to get parked and easier for people to visit. I had a really positive experience there apart from one dopey midwife who measured my progress wrong and thought I was only 3cm when I was about 6 but that could happen anywhere.

If I had to give birth in a hospital again I would definitely go back there.

SunnyDayDreaming101 Thu 10-Nov-16 22:23:41

Thanks! That is really reassuring to know. They have been great so far but you always have that doubt in your mind.

LittleBee23 Thu 10-Nov-16 22:50:43

I think it's just your luck who's on shift TBH. I was so lucky that I had a fab mw who delivered my dd1 although the mw before the shift change was making out that I was making a fuss as I wasn't in proper labour. Did arrived 2.5 hours later lol!

I had two lovely midwives for my homebirth but they made a few mistakes too but they're only human.

Best advice I can give is to go in prepared. Make sure you understand your options and what each one means. I found hypnobirthing really helpful for breathing techniques, especially with dd1 as she was back to back. The breathing still helps me now at the dentist lol. It would keep you calm in early labour, if you were having an epidural sited, section or anything that comes up.
I would also recommend a tens machine for early labour.

Good luck. X

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