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Recent experiences at St Thomas - postnatal care

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f1ddlesticks Wed 26-Oct-16 22:30:29

Currectly having excellent antenatal care for high risk pregnancy at St Thomas, and had my first baby there 3 years ago. But I understand partners are allowed to stay overnight now? Am dreading it - will be having an ELCS and DH can't stay overnight because he'll be looking after DD. I remember it being pretty brutal first time round, but I was in such a daze.

Has anyone had their baby there in the last year or so? Was the postnatal care ok? Their private rooms are SO expensive I can't even consider it but I'm pretty scared about being alone on the postnatal Ward, post-op at night with strangers' partners there sad

babybat Thu 27-Oct-16 23:03:27

I had DD there by EMCS in February. I stayed on the postnatal ward for two nights, and it was ok - not great, but not that bad. There were six beds to a ward, partners can stay overnight (in chairs). It was clean, there was the normal nighttime noise of babies crying, but all the patients attempted to keep noise to a minimum. Staffing was ok, I didn't have any problems with waiting ages for buzzer to be answered or getting meds. Most of the staff were ok, one or two were a bit brusque, but on the whole, fine.

As I'd had a CS they brought meals to me as I couldn't get out of bed to collect them. Protected mealtimes and they seemed to enforce visiting times. The nurses didn't make you keep the curtains open all the time, so there was a bit of privacy while feeding. I know everyone's experience will be different, depending on the other patients, the birth you've had etc, but I found it ok. It might be worth discussing your concerns with your MW, she might be able to make some suggestions or put your mind at ease.

UsernameChat Sun 06-Nov-16 20:20:55

I had my baby there by emergency c-section last December. You'll stay in recovery for a few hours after the birth, before being moved to the ward. (I was in HDU for 1 night before being moved to the ward.) All the midwives on the ward were great but, my experience at the time was that they were severely understaffed, which obviously impacted on the level of care.

Partners can now stay overnight, but as babybat advised, they have to sit in a chair (if there is one in your little curtained off section of the ward). If you can't have your husband stay with you, explain to the midwives that he can't be there and, as you've just had a c-section, you'll need help looking after your baby and getting food. Even though I had a c-section and still had a catheter in, my baby was placed out of reach and no-one brought food or water to me, so if my husband hadn't been there to look after both of us, neither baby nor I would be in a good state!

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