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Fractured tail bone.

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Kaalab90 Mon 24-Oct-16 00:38:47

Hey grin

I'm 37+5 weeks pregnant with my second child. First delivery was normal vaginal - couple of stitches but no real horror story! Anyway, last week I fell down some stairs and have fractured my tail bone blush! Went to hospital and baby is fine but nothing was really said about said fracture at the time. I am in a lot of pain with it and really struggle with sitting/standing/laying down/ walking... everything ATM!!! I'm pretty sure I would struggle to give birth. At hosp in a few days and will find out more but wondering if this has happened to anyone and if the ended up having to have a c-section? Any advice or info would be much appreciated smile.

Couchpotato3 Mon 24-Oct-16 01:07:16

Ouch, been there, done that (broken tail bone, but not while pregnant!)
I think it's very unlikely that you would need a C-section for this. Effective pain relief should do the trick, maybe an epidural? Wait and see - you've likely got at least another 3 weeks to go, and it should be feeling a lot more comfortable by then. Good luck!

hopeful31yrs Mon 24-Oct-16 02:40:13

You may struggle post birth as I had awful coccyx pain post forceps and pushing with my first. Added to that a fracture then you need to make sure you address this with your healthcare provider. Going to toilet was an issue but sitting and lying were horrible. Discuss options, get pain relief early and keep the bowels regular.

For mode of delivery please discuss pain relief options before hand. Midwives can delay epidurals and try to make you push your limits so make sure it's in your birth plan or is ok'd prior to the event.

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