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Hospital Recomendations in the North East

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Poppydm Wed 19-Oct-16 20:11:52

Hi ladies,
Looking for some advice on choosing a hospital as to be honest I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. The midwife has said I need to let her know asap and it is best if I stick with the hospital I chose. She said it is possible to change but better not to.
I'm looking at the delivery suite at the RVI Newcastle, the QE Gateshead, Sunderland Royal or Durham University Hospital. I'm kind of in the middle of all of them so distance isn't really an issue. I've been reading about facilities etc and it's all a lot to try to take in. I just want somewhere that I know I'll be ok in of that makes sense. Where there's good facilities, good access to pain relief and you feel cared for and supported. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of prenatal care/ giving birth that they could share? Would really appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance.

FlappyRose Wed 19-Oct-16 20:23:09

I don't know about Sunderland or Durham but I had a choice of the QE or RVI. Like you, I lived between them.
I chose the QE on the advice of the midwife (and because I had nothing else to base it on). She said the QE was smaller whereas the RVI could be a bit like a conveyer belt. Oh and parking was likely to be easier at the QE.
As it happened I had complications and a pretty traumatic birth and DS spent time in SCBU at the QE. I ended up spending a lot of time there and, on the whole, found the care we received to be very good.
In the end, we were also referred to the Great North Children's Hospital (RVI) and found that good too. It was much more modern. The QE was definitely a bit shabby in comparison, but it think it might have been updated since then (a couple of years ago).
In terms of pain relief, I think they've got everything in the QE that they do in the RVI, but the RVI also has a midwife-led birth centre if you're low risk. The QE was also well equipped to deal with my rare complications.
Good luck with the birth whatever you choose.

Poppydm Wed 19-Oct-16 20:40:20

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Flappy It's so much better to hear real experiences as making big decisions stresses me out and I want to feel happy with our choice.

Jellylorum Tue 25-Oct-16 06:26:36

I can really recommend the midwife led birthing centre at the RVI. I've had two births there now and found it excellent - peace of mind in that you're only downstairs from the best medical care in the region, but it has a relaxed feel to it. There are a few resources to get a sense of it on the website and I think you can book tours too. Good luck!

Blackfellpony Tue 25-Oct-16 08:13:02

I had my baby at Sunderland royal.

All of the rooms are private with en suite bathrooms and a spare bed so your partner can stay overnight. We stayed in for 3 days and my DP stayed all night every night. I didn't see another patient for the whole duration of my stay. We also stayed in the same room during labour and post delivery until I left.

I was offered the birthing pool room but I think you have to vacate this once labour is over.

Care wise I cannot fault the midwives or hcp, every one of them was lovely over the 3 days and the whole thing felt relaxed generally. I'm not sure if this was just luck on a good day or not. One of the days I think they were understaffed but we were checked often. I was helped to shower afterwards and my baby was checked hourly for 24hrs.

I was offered pain relief and epidural although baby made an appearance before I could get one. Anaesthetist was with me within 5-10mins of my request but I was 10cm and crowing by this point blush I should have asked earlier!

I very nearly went to Durham however was put off by being on a ward with other people as I am anti social at the best of times grin

My friend went to QE and did not rate it, noisy ward, left labouring alone and an awful doctor. Again this could have just been bad luck!

NapQueen Tue 25-Oct-16 08:18:41

I had both of mine at the QE. Would recommend then in a heartbeat. I had two brilliant experiences with excellent midwives, doctors and support staff.

The wards were clean and comfortable, the food was hot and tasty. There was always a brew on the go.

My second birth the mw was totally following my lead, just watched and let me do it all as I'd asked etc. She was amazing.

I had a private room (free) with my first and with my second I was the only patient in a three bed bay.

Poppydm Tue 25-Oct-16 08:29:16

Thank you very much ladies - that's really useful smile

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 25-Oct-16 09:48:22

I had my DD in Sunderland Royal . Facilities are lovely - own room and ensuite all the way through . No issue with pain relief through a difficult long labour . They were clearly stretched which I guess all hospitals are now , resulting in an emergency issue as they hadn't examined me properly. But they could happen anywhere.
DSis had her babies in the midwife led at the RVI which was fantastic . It's really superb down to mood lighting and a double sofa bed. You're transferred upstairs to the ward if you need more than gas and air / paracetamol which is very close by .

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