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NHS Grampian (Scotland) induction for all at 40 + 7?

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Crustyoddsocks Tue 18-Oct-16 14:14:28


I'm 36 +5 with my second and just saw the midwife today and she informed me that since April 2016 they have been offering 'certain ladies' induction at 40 + 7 rather than 40 + 12 as was the case when I had my daughter in 2013. I had a straight forward induction with her at 40+12 and she arrived at 40+13.
Does anyone know if this is for everyone or do I have risk factors that I am not being told about.
When asked why the change she went on to talk about the various reasons for induction gestational diabetes, high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia, waters going etc.- none of which apply to me (at the moment). She really didn't make it clear to me why I was being induced then or if it was everyone at 40 +7, though she did say it wasn't because of my underactive thyroid, which is well controlled and hasn't presented any issues.
My BMI is 26.5 (slightly high) and I am 30 years old but I don't think those are risk factors? The helpful 'induction and you' leaflet she gave me said your midwife of Doctor will discuss the reasons why you are being induced and advised that inductions are strongly recommended after 42 weeks as was the case when I had my daughter.
I just really want to know if it is just certain ladies or if it is everyone so I can make an informed choice!

Crustyoddsocks Thu 20-Oct-16 19:34:42

Sorry to ask again and apologies for long post but can anyone help?

tiredviolet Thu 20-Oct-16 19:41:37

I would talk to your midwife again or text her if you are concerned. If you have any risk factors she wouldn't keep them a secret from you! If all is going well the term+12 is the usual, but you may not even get to induction as this is your second pregnancy and birth! Here's to hoping!!!
Good luck!

Crustyoddsocks Thu 20-Oct-16 20:33:32

Thank you so much for your reply. I actually am being passed to a new midwife due to a re-organisation see her at 39+5 so will ask her then. Im probs being silly obsessing over this because as you say may not even go over this time!
Thanks again

westeringhome Fri 21-Oct-16 06:24:17

My midwife told me that it is 40+7 for everyone now, for the reasons you stated and also she mentioned reducing risk of still birth. Depending how busy the hospital is and if you and baby are fine, it may be a few days later than 40+7 as the more urgent ones take priority. When I went for my 40 week MW appt, she called the hosp (ABerdeen) to book me in for induction however you actually have to phone the ward on the morning of 40+7 yourself and they'll tell you what day/time to come in. As it happened they couldn't fit me in til 40+12 anyway and nobody seemed concered that it was nearly a whole week over and above their guidelines. Like you say, it is important to remember that although induction is 'offered', it is your choice and you don't have to have it. I ended up going in to labour naturally at 40+9 so I didn't need induced in the end, but had they been able to fit me in at 40+7 I have to say I would have jumped at the chance as i was so uncomfy and fed up. I'm glad now they were too busy and I went naturally as I don't like getting induced. Sorry if this seems a bit rambling, it's been a long night feeding 6wo DD!

Weezie85 Fri 21-Oct-16 15:54:42

I have a 5 week old, in a different part of Scotland but was only told the normal 40 + 12 for induction. Went into natural labour at 40+8.

Crustyoddsocks Fri 21-Oct-16 20:38:17

Westering -congrats on you 6week dd, your reply made perfect sense thanks! Im delivering at Aberdeen too. Thats really useful to know. Though I did think that would mean a lot of inductions and wondered what would actully happen! I would defo take the 40+7 induction but wont get my hopes up!
Weezie congrats on your LO. Thanks for replying and giving me hope about going into labour myself-I forget thats an option!

LaurenFox94 Tue 27-Dec-16 21:31:04

Hi just found this thread as I had heard that in Scotland they recommend induction by 41 weeks but can't find much on this ! I stay in the west of Scotland and I am 40+1 and see the midwife tomorow just wondering if you found out anything else on this ? Would be much appreciated smile

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