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Sad and fed up

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Thenorr Sun 16-Oct-16 04:46:01

Hi all,

Apologies - this is a bit of a whinge (and I'm 39 weeks by the way)...

I had a terrible birth with dd1 as she was: back to back, got stuck in my pelvis, got an infection from being in labour (in hospital) for three days, prepped for EMCS then her heart stopped and they ventoused her out. Anyway, lots of people told me it was a series of unfortunate events and the next one would be a lot easier.

This pregnancy has been much more challenging generally (having a 20 month at home probably accounts for a lot!) but anaemia and low platelets haven't helped as I've had to be going to the hospital every week. On Thursday I thought labour had started properly, went on for three hours and then nothing and very reduced movement in bump. Went to hospital on Friday and baby has moved BACK TO BLOODY BACK. They gave me a sweep and since then have lost plug, bloody show and had start and stop labour but not developing into anything at all. I am suddenly terrified of a labour like last time again and have help from hubby and MIL this weekend but how will I look after toddler if I'm still in start and stop next week? Also ended up being in hospital for 5days last time. Will be devastated if that happens again sad

Anyone had anything similar?

Thanks in advance

milkshakeandmonstermunch Sun 16-Oct-16 06:11:00

I'm 6 days overdue OP and I am fed up.

DD1 is nearly 3. She was 6 days late. Back to back with contractions every 2 minutes for 10 hours. Hospital wouldn't admit me because I was only 1cm. DD eventually got stuck so needed an episiotomy. Had a pph which, based on later blood tests/iron count etc, was worse than they recorded in my notes. Ended up with a 5 day hospital stay.

This pregnancy has been shit from day 1. Sickness, SPD, back problems and an 8 week-long chest infection. I have been in slow labour for 2 weeks. Contractions and period pain but NOTHING. Plus there's still the 3yo.

I get twice-daily texts from DSis asking for updates as well as friends. I barely told anyone the official due date this time due to being hounded last time. WIBU to tell them all to fuck. right. off??

Also, I'm not allowed to fucking moan because I'm lucky to be fertile. Of course I am but I also want to reach in and pull this baby out myself!!!!!!

Thenorr Sun 16-Oct-16 08:46:37

I really feel for you milkshake!

Two weeks of slow labour already and they haven't they offered to induce you or anything? Do they not realise what a total shit a back to back labour is? I don't understand why midwifes/health visitors after my last labour seemed to be really understanding about all the complications, but now I'm dealing with the hospital midwives again it's like if you don't fit their checklist for labour you're just making it up/making a fuss/they don't want to know...

It sucks.

gunting Sun 16-Oct-16 08:57:48

Have you tried the exercises on the spinning babies website to try turn a back to back baby? My son was back to back and labour just wouldn't start. I did some strange exercises thankfully and he moved round.

Best of luck for your labour.

Thenorr Sun 16-Oct-16 09:15:11

Thanks Gunting - I've been doing them since finding out that the baby had turned on Thursday but no joy yet!

I'd also been forcing myself through my daily 10,000 steps as walking is supposed to be so key to spinning a baby, but it's pissing it down today and I'm losing the will to live...

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