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What did you wear in birth pool?

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ItchyFoot Tue 11-Oct-16 23:07:20

If you gave birth in a birth pool at a hospital did you wear anything on top?

Taylor22 Tue 11-Oct-16 23:09:14

First time My family guy PJ top. I was desperate to get in.
Second time I had a bikini top on and didn't put my bottoms on.

PointlessUsername Tue 11-Oct-16 23:10:15

First time, vest top

Second time, just a bra

ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Tue 11-Oct-16 23:10:23


QueenOfTheHighCs Tue 11-Oct-16 23:11:26


WhingyNinja Tue 11-Oct-16 23:11:38

I whipped all my clothes off in a couple of seconds and waddled over to the pool, I was in the pushing stage and didn't give a shit about anything! grin

WhingyNinja Tue 11-Oct-16 23:12:08

I whipped all my clothes off in a couple of seconds and waddled over to the pool, I was in the pushing stage and didn't give a shit about anything! grin

ItchyFoot Tue 11-Oct-16 23:13:08

It's my second dc but I didn't get to go in the pool last time. Just debating whether to wear a bra or just go naked. I gave birth to dd in a comfy bra and vest top in a bed.

WhingyNinja Tue 11-Oct-16 23:13:17

Mumsnet was evidently really keen on making sure you all knew I was STARK NAKED with that double post! blush

newmummyagain Tue 11-Oct-16 23:16:25

I always wondered this. I thought that OBEM might have made everyone think that they need to wear a bikini - but maybe people do?

I was planning on wearing nothing but didn't get to in the end smile

ItchyFoot Tue 11-Oct-16 23:16:31

Haha Ninja it's good to know

ItchyFoot Tue 11-Oct-16 23:17:29

I suppose it's more whether to bother packing something in my bag because mid labour I'll just go with whatever feels right.

imnotreally Tue 11-Oct-16 23:28:22

I wore a bra.

dontpokethebear Tue 11-Oct-16 23:30:57

Pack something just in case. Would be very annoying if you didn't and decided you wanted it.

WhingyNinja Tue 11-Oct-16 23:35:57

Thanks itchy wink

I actually completely forgot to pack something for the pool, so when the midwife asked if I wanted to get in and what I was wearing I already had my dress over my head, she'd seen enough of me for me to be embarrassed by this point! Maybe take a bikini top or T-shirt so you have the option?

Jinglebellsandv0dka Tue 11-Oct-16 23:37:35

Crop top/bra thingy. I have big baps and didn't want them getting in the way!

winewolfhowls Wed 12-Oct-16 04:57:05

Also nothing here

SoupDragon Wed 12-Oct-16 06:33:21

I wore a "secret support" vest.

Bumptittybump Wed 12-Oct-16 10:03:47

I've just been wondering the same... I don't think I'll care about being starkers if actually in the water, but how much do you have to get in and out of the pool?

TheTurtleMoves Wed 12-Oct-16 10:08:40

I went in wearing my bra but whipped it off after about two minutes as it was getting heavy and annoying me. I threw it across the room, showgirl stylee.

Salmiak Wed 12-Oct-16 10:11:19

I wore a jml sports bra type thing, rather than a strappy bra.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 12-Oct-16 10:12:34

I wore nothing.

Once I was in the pool didn't have to get out again until a wee while after baby delivered.

Duckyneedsaclean Wed 12-Oct-16 10:14:30

Nothing first time, as hadn't planned on it. Didn't care about being starkers tbh!

Brought a bikini top for second, mostly because dh insists on photographing everything.

Dixiechick17 Wed 12-Oct-16 12:56:22

A sleep bra crop top thing, I got out when I was pushing as was hot and bothered, rest of labour I was wore nothing and had a fan on me, utter bliss lol

Ohyesiam Wed 12-Oct-16 13:57:37


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