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so stressed and terrified of birth with low placenta. Please share experiences!!

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bumbleandbumble Sat 08-Oct-16 13:42:11

I have low placenta, found at 20w. I had 33w scan and it was 1.7mm from the cervix. Scanning again at 36w to see if it moves. The consultant said if it moves to 2mm then I am clear for normal birth, if not then planned section.

I am super stressed about bleeding during the birth. I have heard plenty of stories of both the birth being fine and the birth causing major bleeding. To me the difference between 1.7 and 2 is so can the risk of bleeding just disappear in only a few tiny mm???

Also super stressed about going into labour prior to the planned section. I am fighting the hospital to move the section to 38w rather than 39w as with my previous children they have all been early (27w and 26w). Apart from being early they also are super fast. 2 hours labour, nearly had my first in the car. The hospital seems really unsympathetic to this. They have said just come in if you start labour and we will do the section. But I am 30 min from hospital, I have to arrange childcare...and I just dont see there being time to prep me for section...and what if I start to bleed.

I am so worried I cant sleep and the midwives just keep saying "it will probably be fine"

camena Sat 08-Oct-16 13:45:51

You absolutely can push for a planned c-section. Write down all of your reasons, take someone with you to support you and advocate for you (partner, parent, friend etc), and be prepared to push the consultants for a planned section regardless of whether the placenta moves at 38w. Your reasoning seems very sensible, I think they have to have a serious conversation with you about it.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sat 08-Oct-16 13:53:39

You can still ask for a section. 2mm is a cut off point they use but it's up to you on your preferences.
I had DS at 36 weeks due to placenta praevia by emcs and mine was around the 2mm mark. Was waiting on a scan at 36 weeks to decide on birth method.
If you are too far from the hospital then they could admit you on bed rest. You say 30 minutes but if you bleed you should call 999 and the section will be done immediately.
Anything I've forgotten please ask me. Most are completely fine and I'm one of the rare cases. DS is fine by the way

MrsLen Sat 08-Oct-16 15:58:49

Hi Bumble I'm in exactly the same dilemma as you. Found placenta was low at 20 weeks and at 32 weeks it was still only 1mm from cervix.

Have 36 week scan on Monday as consultant seems confident it will move but sonographer was adamant it wouldn't!

Just hope decision is made this week on whether I have c-section or if they want to wait until 38 weeks to rescan. Hope they don't as just want to have a decision made so I have one less thing to worry about. Xx

ivylou Wed 12-Oct-16 10:29:29

Mrslen how did your scan go?
I'm in a similar position, placenta is currently 'abutting' cervix at 32 weeks. Sonographer seems to think it will still move but consultant is adamant it won't. Am due to have c section at 36 weeks due to bleeding sad

MrsLen Wed 12-Oct-16 21:33:02

Hi Ivy,

Saw consultant again today and he wants to rescan at 38 weeks. But he's also said he doesn't think it'll move so he has booked me in for a c section at 39 weeks.

Less than 3 weeks to go!!!

Thankfully I've not had any bleeding which is why they are letting me go so long.

It's a strange place to be as most people seem to have had their placenta move by 32 weeks. Fingers crossed we have laid back babies after all this. Xx

DesignedForLife Thu 13-Oct-16 14:04:08

My placenta had moved to 4.2 cm away from OS at 36 weeks, so was cleared for normal delivery. No bleeding ever.

Was induced at 40+12, already 4cm dialated so the dr went straight to break my waters & do a sweep. The dr stopped suddenly and said "where's the placenta, I can feel placenta... Oh you're bleeding..." Then quick scramble to get consultant and ten minutes later I was in surgery having crash section under GA. I lost 4 litres of blood, it's a jolly good thing I was in hospital when it happened otherwise I don't think I'd be here to tell the tale. I'd had 4 sweeps at home, can't think about what would have happened if I'd bled like that at home. Still waiting for debrief to see if scan was wrong.

So... Personally I'd push for ELCS. If I were in the same situation again I'd insist. At very least, if you do go for natural birth, I'd suggest insisting on any sweeps or examinations being done at the hospital, just in case.

bumbleandbumble Fri 14-Oct-16 15:40:13

Hi just an update. I have just been sent home after 5 days in hospital with bleeding. I got a scan after bleeding stopped and the placenta is now 2.4mm.

Had a few different doctors and they seemed to say they would like the distance a little further, but are happy for me to try for a natural birth.

After the bleeding I want a section. They seemed to say I could "do whatever I wanted" without pushing one or the other....but this only makes me more stressed. One said section, another said "if i choose an elective its just creating more risk, when a natural birth is probably fine"

So now I am going back next week at 37 weeks, where they all seem to say "it will move and be fine"... But it has not moved enough and it has not been fine with this bleeding.

What would you do? Insist on section or try for natural? I feel even more confused.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Fri 14-Oct-16 21:15:00

This is similar to what I had. They kept saying it was up to me. But I had a massive bleed and emcs before a decision was agreed.
I'd say in general a straightforward vaginal birth is safest, followed by elcs, with difficult vaginal births and emcs the most dangerous.
I'd be asking what % chance has a vaginal birth got of turning into an emergency section.

Fluffsnuts Fri 14-Oct-16 21:28:49

2.6 away here. Ended up with retained placenta, but I don't think it was related.

carmenta Fri 14-Oct-16 21:34:44

I would want them to explain it better in terms of risk and in terms of the logic behind the recommendation. If the cervix dilates to 10cm, surely that is a 5cm required distance for the placenta, not 2cm? And even then 5cm would put it right at the edge, which for me seems unsafe.

I really think I would be pushing for a section in your position, unless I could be reassured that the risk is actually very low. As Designed points out, low lying placenta is a life-threatening condition potentially.

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