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Positive ish birth story

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Cinnamonamy Sat 08-Oct-16 12:13:34

Just want to share my story to reassure any first time mums who are nervous about labour and birth.
I was supposed to be being induced at 37 weeks so started rasberry leaf tablets from 35 weeks, just 1 a day which im convinced was why labour was so quick, house was also a shit tip on the day, I reckon being unorganised helps in regards to babys not being late
At 36 weeks waters went at around 5pm whilst at home, had contraxtions a couple of minutes apart from then, got a warm bath straight away and dp took me straight to hospital as I then realised I hadnt felt baby move that day, otherwise I would have stayed at home for longer as was just like period pains. Got to hospital was being to feel really uncomfortable, was checked about 10 minutes after arriving and was 5cm, I dont actually remember the pain but I must have been quite uncomfortable as I remember thinking 'ONLY half way there!' I felt a lot of pressure at this point and was told not to push even though I really wanted to. I asked for pethadine but by the time they got it in the injection, about 10 minutes later I really couldnt resisit pushing so was checked again and was 9cm so was refused all pain relief other than gas and air. I pushed from that point, the urge was too much. Babys heart rate was dropping each time I pushed so a number of doctors came in, dp said it was quite tense but I was honestly unaware of everything around me and not at all panicked, even though im a panicky person and spent the last 9 months being reassured by hospital on a monitor twice a week. Baby was born at 6.55 pm, less than 2 hours from start to finish. I was cut and im not sure if its possible but im sure they cut something they werent supposed to, the pain when being stitched was unreal- probably because noone warned me about that I wasnt expecting it but would deffo reccomend having an epidural just for that! Local anaesthetic just didnt touch the sides for me unfortunately. Apart from that I would do it all again tomorrow and am quite jealous of pregnant people now, even 4 weeks in im considering doing it again asap, I just didnt enjoy pregnancy. I wouldnt say I have a high pain threshold and although my labour was quick, I still had to do what everyone else had to do. My advise to anyone pregnant would be to honestly look forward to the best day of your life. Baby was considered premature but apart from jaundice and a week in neonatal (which was lovely and nothing like the zoo that is the normal ward) is touch wood fine.

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LillianFullStop Sat 08-Oct-16 12:34:01

Thanks for sharing cinnamonamy - I've been drinking the RLT but I might get on those tablets today! I'm 38w tomorrow.

Sorry about having to feel the episiotomy stitches - that's my nightmare! I am going to ask for an epidural for that reason alone even if the labour pains are bearable as I've heard local anaesthetic is not enough to numb the pain of suturing for some people.

Hope you are recovering well and enjoying the new baby cuddles!

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