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Experience of private birth/ c-section

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PreEclampsiaFear Fri 07-Oct-16 10:48:30

Hello all

It may be tricky trying not to out myself, but hoping to hear of others experiences. My DD is almost one and the idea of a second has been floating around. Likely in the next couple of years. My first pregnancy started out pretty textbook, no high risk issues, Bp, weight, etc all fine. No relevant medical history. Until 35 weeks when my BP skyrocketed and my trips to the hospital because ridiculously regular until I was induced just before 38 weeks. There were a multitude of problems during this time. My midwife was horrid. Not just a personality clash, i'm an extremely positive person who really tries to look on the bright side of situation. But this woman had a complete failure of empathy. My hospital experience wasn't much better. I was regularly kept in and loaded with medications to reduce my blood pressure. I saw several consultants, one regularly who tried to imply my weight was a factor. I am a size 10, ran daily until 32 weeks, and have a normal resting blood pressure of 110/60. They kept trying to use the red oversized cuff on my arm, despite it not being the correct size, as it comes up with a lower reading due to the cuff being too large. I tried to explain that this wasn't helpful, that getting an incorrectly low BP wouldn't do me any favours when I then saw my community midwife, who would take my BP accurately and send me back in. They commented that I was obviously pregnant and sensitive to the "large cuff", I had been measured and knew it was the wrong size.

I was induced and despite my consultants warning I would likely end up with a c-section, I gave birth naturally with a ventouse used minimally. The labour care was up and down. My birth in total lasted 36 hours. I ended up with quite a bad tear and DD was extremely drowsy from the BP drugs I had been on, a side affect I wasn't told about.

Post op I asked to pay for a private room. I had been put in the HDU bay due to my high risk birth. I was told this wasn't an option as I needed to be monitored. Fine. It was noisy, bright, I hadn't slept for 5 days, now I couldn't sleep post-birth either. They didn't check on me at all. I was left to fend for myself and almost discharged myself I was so angry and upset. C-section ladies around me were in pain and waiting hours just for paracetamol. DD had a bad tongue tie that was missed, and rectified 7 days later after bleeding nipples and discomfort.

Consequently I am now terrified of another similar pregnancy and birth. I have since sent a letter of complaint to the hospital.
Myself and my husband are in the fortunate position to pay privately next time, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of private maternity care after a "high risk" pregnancy first time round?

If I develop pre-eclampsia again I would like the option of an elective c-section, as the induction was extremely stressful. I had to be monitored constantly, and had no choice but to lie in bed the entire time, wired up to drips and monitors. The tearing was extremely painful both during and in recovery. The post-birth care is probably top of my list of worries, as it really was dreadful, and I would like to avoid this if at all possible.

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