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Practicalities of homebirth

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LeonardaCohen Mon 03-Oct-16 22:29:13

Am hoping to have a HB for my DC3 in a few weeks, but can't get my head around the logistics!

I don't want a water birth (can't be bothered with the faff) so where/what position do you actually give birth? Previous hospital labours, I've knelt and used the bed for support but how would that work at home? I was thinking I'd be in the living room but not sure how that would work.

Also, the mess!?! I've been told it's not that messy, but is that just a lie? I don't want blood stains on the floor!

If you need stitches, where would you be so the MWs can get access, IYKWIM?

Am feeling quite stupid about this as obviously women have always done this in the past!

IAmAPaleontologist Mon 03-Oct-16 22:33:00

Number one I delivered on our bed, just put down lots of inco pads and old towels. Number 2 was in water and number 3 I was kneeling and leaning over my birth ball on the living room floor. Mess is minimal, really is. If you need sutures then the sofa or bed with your bum shuffled to the end but if you need a considerable amount or they think they can't. Do a good enough job at home you'd transfer in.

You just need towels, inco pads (though they will have some too) and a good lamp for if they need it.

IAmAPaleontologist Mon 03-Oct-16 22:33:37

Has your midwife not done a home visit to discuss your plans and the practicalities?

Ilovewillow Mon 03-Oct-16 22:34:11

Hi I had a homebirth with DS 3 yrs ago. I opted for a water birth but also laboured out of water (16 hrs), lots of towels and the midwives brought lots of disposable sheets. It wasn't that messy although the actual birth was in water so obviously that dealt with a lot of it!

I had stitches queue general hilarity - not at all glamorous at home but we managed. The midwife had a miners torch and my husband held an angle poise lamp. Propped up on two chairs but we managed it and I didn't need to go to hospital so all good. This was my second child, first was a hospital birth and I wouldn't have changed it for anything - it was a great experience! Good luck!

gallicgirl Mon 03-Oct-16 22:34:22

My first home birth, I knelt and used a yoga ball to support me.





Took a year of moisturising to get the dry patches off my knees.
I think I taped a plastic dust sheet to an old duvet and laboured on that. Honestly, no mess. I had a couple of stitches and was just lying on my bed.

Second homebirth, I hired a pool and it was fabulous. I'd thoroughly recommend it. No faff at all to me and DH didn't moan about emptying it so must have been ok.

DelphiniumBlue Mon 03-Oct-16 22:36:40

I did it in the bathroom. Mess was contained, loo was handy, bed stayed pristine ready for me and newborn to get into after all that hard work.
Mostly on my knees or squatting, leaning over the bvath for support. Midwife was fine with it, though not much space for DH!
I did have a fairly short labour, so don't know if it would have worked so well if it had been more drawn out.
Good luck!

Ebbenmeowgi Mon 03-Oct-16 22:55:23

Following - am expecting my first and hoping to have a home birth 😊

vallinnapod Tue 04-Oct-16 15:54:59

Similar to PP, I gave birth to DC2 and the placenta in a pool. Had lots of old towels (only used a couple) and covered the sofa with some cheapo shower curtains from eBay (new I hasten to add) whilst I was check out afterwards (no stitches).

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