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Tell me about your ELCS and recovery experiences please!

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Honeybee79 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:26:59

I am weighing up whether to have an ELCS. I'm 32 weeks and really, really struggling with the decision. I had an EMCS with my previous DS, hence have been offered an elective this time.

What makes me hesitate about the ELCS is the potential recovery time - I am a pretty active person, love exercising, and the thought of not being able to for 3 months is not great. Plus I have DS who I have to get to school and back again every day on foot (nearly 5 mile round trip). I know that there is no guarantee that a vaginal birth will lead to a quick and easy recovery and that vaginal births are not without their risks too, but a section is major abdominal surgery as I know from my EMCS.

My consultant has said that I am a good candidate for a VBAC but that the decision is entirely mine. For info, I ended up with a EMCS with my last birth as DS didn't descend properly so after 2 hours of pushing, they took me into theatre and tried ventouse, then forceps and then did the section. He was a big baby and back to back. The thought of going through a similar experience again is not great, especially as I was in hospital for 5 nights afterwards, which is perhaps even worse than the actual birth. I feel a bit stuck with the decision tbh.

I'm interested to hear about your experiences (positive and negative) of recovery following an ELCS please - how quick were you out and about again? If you have had both an ELCS and an EMCS then how does the recovery compare? How soon were you able to do moderate exercise again?

All experiences and advice appreciated! TIA.

Gluetap Mon 03-Oct-16 11:35:52

I've had an EMCS and an ELCS. Recovery second time around was much better and I was up and felt almost normal (as much as anyone can with a 3 year old and a newborn!) after a couple of days. Went home from hospital after two nights with both children. Was back to driving after two weeks and was able to do most things within a few days of getting home. I think a lot of the difference was down to the fact I'd had a long labour before my EMCS so I was tired before I'd had the CS. Was back to walking a few days after surgery then moderate exercise after all clear from GP.

Hope that helps and good luck!

bunnygirl80 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:43:02

I had an ELCS for my footling breech DD after a previous uncomplicated VB with my DS.

My recovery was pretty straightforwards. I was able to get out and about to the park etc with DS and baby DD within a week. And I was happily able to walk for 30-40 mins pushing them both in the double pram every day when my DH went back to work after 2 weeks. Back to running the day after 6 week check, and back on the netball court when DD was 8 weeks!!

I'm not certain I'd have managed a 5 mile school run reliably every day for about a month though. But I'd say the same for my VB-the birth was uncomplicated but I had a minor PPH and I was anaemic enough after that that walking any great distance left me wiped out and dizzy.

Honeybee79 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:48:29

Thanks both! Very good to hear that you both recovered reasonably swiftly - great that you were back on the netball court after 8 weeks bunnygirl!

With my school run, I guess DH will have his 2 weeks paternity leave so he will be able to do it during that and then I could maybe arrange a couple of weeks of cover from another parent if I had to in order to get myself through to the Xmas holidays.

LC01 Mon 03-Oct-16 11:57:20

I had an elective c section as my DD was diagnosed as breech at 40 weeks. I was in hospital for two day and when the midwife came to make her first house call, I got told off for walking down a flight of stairs to let her in. She also sternly told me that no I couldn't go to mothercare to buy some smaller baby clothes for DD as she was 6lbs 6oz, but I felt fine and I'm not particularly fit. I got signed off by my GP to drive just under 2 weeks.

Do what you heart says.

Honeybee79 Mon 03-Oct-16 12:15:32

LC01 - that is amusing re the midwife . . . How did she expect to get into the house if you didn't answer the door?!

spacepoodle Fri 07-Oct-16 11:55:13

I had an ELCS almost 4 weeks ago. I felt back to normal within about 10 days. I was out of bed about 8 hours after the surgery as I had heard moving as soon as possible aids recovery. The next day I was standing and walking, albeit slowly, for most of the time. The worse part was getting in and out of bed, not necessarily because of the pain but because of the fear I was somehow going to pull my stitches!

The fact you're active is definitely a positive. I am relatively fit and healthy which has probably helped my recovery. I used to run regularly and did a marathon last year. During pregnancy I walked between 4 and 5 miles a day, took up pilates and went swimming twice a week towards the end when I felt too massive to do any other form of exercise. I can't wait to get back to running and will be asking about it at my six week check up - planning runs to fit in around my grumpy newborn will be the hardest bit.

Good luck!

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