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Recommendations for Private or Independent Midwife for Hospital Birth - London

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Allison3 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:21:33

Hi, I am looking for a recommendation for a private or independent midwife for the birth of baby#2. I had baby#1 consultant led at the Portland and while I loved the facilities it wasn't a good fit for my natural birth plan with diet controlled gestational diabetes. I had a natural birth, but was coached into pushing with no distress when my more calm hypnobirthing methods were working well and I ended up with a postpartum hemorrhage (may have had one either way), surgery and an infection.

I don't want to do a home birth, so I would like to find an midwife with experience or existing relationship with a hospital in London (West or Northwest London). I am open to a birthing centre birth. Thanks for the help!

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lauren2424 Thu 03-Nov-16 09:06:48

I was wondering if you found your independent midwife?
The midwife I had for my birth was amazing and we breathed out a 8lb 9oz baby on gas and air, without any tearing! So kind, supportive and generally amazing!
I know that she's just started out as an independent midwife and kg hypnobirthing teacher. She's in Cambridgeshire but I know that she used to be manager of one of the labour wards in a London hospital. Not sure which though?
Anyway her name is Karen Marshall and website is

Let me know if I can give any more info.


UsernameChat Sun 06-Nov-16 19:57:52

Hi - I had a fantastic private midwife in 2015: Claire Chaubert -

She supports and attends both home births and hospital births. I ended up going to hospital for a c-section, but found her support and help as my advocate invaluable. She was always in my corner, but never irritated the hospital staff, meaning they even invited her into the OR, which isn't usually allowed.

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