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Does sex really bring on labour? (I'm 38+4)

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leahsmum Sun 04-Feb-07 21:52:04

I know this thread has probably been done before but I'm getting really impatient waiting on LO's arrival and am even contemplating sex (big thing for me with severe SPD)!

utterlyconfused Sun 04-Feb-07 21:53:52

When I was 2 wks overdue with ds1 the consultant said it was the only thing that might help. Apparently semen contains the same hormone as the drugs they use to induce you.
So saying, if you're not ready to go, I don't think it will help one jot.

cheritongirl Sun 04-Feb-07 21:59:37

I've no idea if it was the catalyst but i went into labour 5 hours after having sex (after a million walks, boucing on a birth ball and lots of raspberry leaf tea!) - it was a huge mission to do the deed but may have been worth it!

leahsmum Sun 04-Feb-07 22:03:50

were you overdue cheritongirl? Im not due for another 10days but getting really fed up.

prettymum Sun 04-Feb-07 22:08:34

with dc1, contractions started straight after sex! i was 39 weeks +4

leahsmum Sun 04-Feb-07 23:04:01

Might just hang on another week or so and see if it happens on its own. Not sure if i can face sex TBH.

Busybean Sun 04-Feb-07 23:22:13

Yes sex can help by releasing a hormone called oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract. Additionally, semen contains a substance known as prostaglandins, which will help soften the cervix.

I had sex in the morning with ds2 and had first contraction at 8pm that night, he was born 6.15pm the following day

Busybean Sun 04-Feb-07 23:23:28

Ps I had spd too with both(worst with ds1) best sex position for that is spoons with a pillow supporting your slightly raised leg/knee


fireflyfairy2 Sun 04-Feb-07 23:24:53

With dd1 we had sex at 3am on 23rd. On 24th at 4pm, dd was born Yes, I definitely believe sex had something to do with it. Again, on 27th morning we had sex, at 10pm on 27th night ds was born.

(I have to admit that with dd I wasn't aware that sex would help to bring on labour, but with ds I didn't want to be induced so gritted my teeth & went for it like hammer & tongs most days near my due date)

fireflyfairy2 Sun 04-Feb-07 23:25:49

(Not in the same year!!) Though it was the same month!

cece Sun 04-Feb-07 23:25:49

We tried it a lot and DS was still 12 days late

JillybeansNW Sun 04-Feb-07 23:43:21

As my midwife said to me 'the only thing that's gonna speed up that little one coming out is the thing that put her there in the first place'
Yes it does

Mistiek Mon 05-Feb-07 06:42:12


It worked for me for DS... Kinda....
I was 39+6 and DH and I did the deed contractions started straight afterwards, Unfortunatley for me they stopped by 4am that morning. I still went 1 week overdue, and tried another 2 times during the week and landed up with contractions both times...

I was due to have a sweep at 41 weeks and at 40+6 tried again and again contractions started straight afterwards. I decided not to get my hopes up and went to bed but was woken at 2:30 with the contractions getting worse and my hind waters breaking...

Moral of this story - yes it does work, but only when baby is ready to come out...

Saying that I am 8 weeks away from my DD birth and every time we do the deed I get very uncomfortable niggles for ages...

Busybeans is right, I too have SPD and the best position is spoons, its the only way my dh gets lucky

cheritongirl Mon 05-Feb-07 09:25:18

sorry Leahsmum, i was 8 days overdue by that point! But we hadn't resorted to sex til that point (not for a few weeks anyway!) so who knows? Sympathy vibes to you anyway...

ricepudding Mon 05-Feb-07 17:20:23

Worked for me - did the deed at 9am, waters broke 11am. Plus, during a very slow second stage my wise old midwife left me and dp alone to have a cuddle and get a bit romantic and my contractions went off the scale. She wanted us to get the oxytocin going and it really worked. Wierd but true

MerryMarigold Mon 05-Feb-07 17:26:33

we tried sex several times. tbh it wasn't exactly fun and i just did it to bring it all on, but it didn't do a thing. don't worry: just lie sideways and think of the little baby.

xenabelly Mon 05-Feb-07 19:38:46

I had a go without my hubby - heard that orgasms can start things off. I went for a ahem 'lie down' and 'sorted myself out' - several hours later contractions started and got worse and worse - went in to hosp and they said I had started dilating (only to 2cm though). It stopped after about 8 hrs but I definately think it was the orgasm that did it.

(only told my husband afterwards what I'd done - he went mad cos I was only 38wks!)

hee hee!

specialmagiclady Wed 07-Feb-07 22:37:03

I tried it a lot (but not enough) prior to ds being born. We had to pretend I was someone else for me to get worked up enough!¬

jaynel Wed 07-Feb-07 22:52:25

hmm very strange we went like rabbits a week b 4 my ds was born ut he was 2 weeks over due and i was induced, just made me very tierd!!

dressedupnowheretogo Wed 07-Feb-07 22:55:03

mine did but we hadnt had it for 2 weeks previous coz dh hurt his knee so maybe it was shock lol

i was 37+9 but had no contractions at all

Lizzylou Wed 07-Feb-07 22:55:18

I would go for it, DS1 was 6 days over (no sex), D2 was 2 days early, I think due to sex, curry and pineapple

puffling Wed 07-Feb-07 22:57:03

You need to actually imbibe his seed in order to really jolt you into action. It worked for me rather too quickly.

leahsmum Wed 07-Feb-07 23:01:43

Well did the deed last night - after months of nothing (spd pain too much to bear). Wasnt actually as bad as I thought. Spent entire night in agony - due to spd and contractions. Had contractions on and off all day - but hey still no baby or show or waters broken or nothing!! Tried a brisk walk tonight and even bought a pineapple today - attempted to eat it but 2 bites and the heartburn was so unbareable - really not worth it. Will see if I'm still with baby tomorro and mayb try the sex thing again.

jaynel Wed 07-Feb-07 23:07:28

good luck with whatever u decide. x

JodieG1 Wed 07-Feb-07 23:11:30

Don't think anything works tbh, baby comes when ready.

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