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Does an epidural/spinal block hurt?

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butterfly92 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:31:52

I am booked to have a cesarean section next month and I am terrified of the spinal thingy they put in to numb you from the waist down! I am worried about whether it will paralyse me permanently or cause issues but mostly worried about how bad it will hurt!! Is it a painless procedure?

dementedma Fri 16-Sep-16 20:33:05

The last one I had was 14 years ago and I don't remember it hurting particularly

tabulahrasa Fri 16-Sep-16 20:35:54

No, you feel the first injection, but that's just a normal injection, then once that's worked it just feels like pressure on your back.

Saltlake Fri 16-Sep-16 20:36:12

No. Minor sting, but less uncomfortable than a cannula.

originalusernamefail Fri 16-Sep-16 20:36:26

I had mine put in in labour so my mind was on other things grin. However I didn't feel it going in, only the blessed relief when they switched it on !

Littleelffriend Fri 16-Sep-16 20:36:53

Nope no pain

TheImprobableGirl Fri 16-Sep-16 20:37:19

No pain here either!

butterfly92 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:37:37

Thanks all ! And does the numbing injection go straight into the middle of your back?

user1471453601 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:37:54

In my experience the epidural was totally painless. Mind you, I'd had a couple of diazepam before hand! Mine was for an operation to remove a lung tumour. The Drs preferred an epidural for post operation pain relief, rather than morphine, as it enabled me to get up and about quicker. I did have a general anaesthetic too, of course!

Alex83 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:38:30

I've had one EMCS and one ELCS (just a few months ago) and the epidural really doesn't hurt at all. They numb the area before they do the epidural needle so you just feel a bit of pressure. It's just the thought of it that's unpleasant, that's all. Really no need to worry!

Clickncollect Fri 16-Sep-16 20:39:21

I had a c section 13 weeks ago and they sprayed my back with a freezing cold spray first which I found more uncomfortable than the injection going in, which I barely felt!

AStreetcarNamedBob Fri 16-Sep-16 20:39:43

It's fine. There is just a normal injection which numbs it and then you only feel them pushing and pulling to put the block in. No pain.

user1471461436 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:43:18

Dont worry about, i have had 2. I had back ache after but i did during pregnancy and my babies were both back to back so i may have had it anyway. If i were to have one again i would invest in one of those baby feeding cushions with the back support (are they called boppy?) from the beginning as i bought one a while later and it really made a difference when trying to get comfortable on the settes and in bed. I even slept on it so it wasnt as much of an effort to raiae myself up to go to the loo in the night after my section

Lules Fri 16-Sep-16 20:44:09

No, it doesn't hurt. I did find it difficult to stay still when they put it in but I was in labour! The weirdest bit about a c section is the tugging when they get the baby out but that doesn't hurt at all, it's just very strange.

MadrigalElectromotive Fri 16-Sep-16 20:44:25

The normal injection just feels like a scratch on the skin on your back. I had no pain when they did the spinal. The cannula being put in was much worse! Please try not to worry - it really isn't a terrible experience. smile

user1471461436 Fri 16-Sep-16 20:45:48

Do not worry about the caesarean at all though, its bizaree but its quick!

sunnydayinmay Fri 16-Sep-16 20:47:07

I was in labour, so it was fine, but the cannula is definitely more sore.

Phwoggy Fri 16-Sep-16 20:51:14

I had both this week, either were fine in that you get a local first so with the epidural you just feel them putting the cannula in but the spinal was just one more injection. I hated the total numbing of the spinal however.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Fri 16-Sep-16 20:57:35

Take nice deep breaths continuously throughout the procedure and relax as best as you can. I found yogic breathing great for the four spinals I've had.

Keep your mind on the end result! flowers

PunkrockerGirl Fri 16-Sep-16 20:57:54

No, I've had an epidural for giving birth and an epidural and spinal block for a total knee replacement. Neither hurt at all and no after effects.
Good luck, the theatre staff are brilliant at reassuring you and it'll all be over very quickly. Then you'll have your beautiful baby!

Nachoo Fri 16-Sep-16 21:01:57

Had epidural in labour before having forceps. The pressure and thought of the spinal was way worse than it actually happening. It didn't hurt 😊 Agree with PP, having the cannula hurt a lot more.

You'll be fine 😊

ArcticMumkey Fri 16-Sep-16 21:02:51

No. I has an elcs in January and all I remember is feeling a slight hot tingly feeling as it started to work. The whole procedure was quick, painless and amazing and I'll do it again next time without hesitation.
Good luck.

SittingAround1 Fri 16-Sep-16 21:06:01

No it doesn't hurt. I think they're very controlled these days about the doses. But you can speak to the anaesthetist beforehand about any worries. I didn't have any after effects at all.

5madthings Fri 16-Sep-16 21:07:05

I am going to go against the grain and say that it can hurt

My ds is five months, I ended up with emcs, and first they tried s spinal which didn't totally numb me, then an epidural which wore off during surgery...

Anyway when trying to place the spinal and epidural I had shooting pains in my back and down my legs. But I told the anaesthetist and she sorted it. I was also very unusual, they came to De brief me afterwards and said I would need s general for any future surgery, I replied that I am not planning any more surgery!

They spray and numb and the injection, needle etc doesn't hurt but they can touch a nerve but it's short and more like an electric shock treatment. They let me have gas and air whilst doing it or they will give you pain relief or even something for your nerves if you explain to them. Just talk to them they will 100% talk you through it and reassure you etc.

Even mine which was an emergency they made sure I was on and explained everything etc. And I was super unlucky that the spinal and the epidural didn't work, the morphine they gave me when the epidural stopped working was good. But morphine and gas and air during surgery.... Doesn't quite cut it. I have had five easy natural births before this one, with no pain relief including an 11lb baby in birth pool so I can deal with pain.

Chinks123 Fri 16-Sep-16 21:11:43

I had a spinal block after delivering DD due to complications and I don't remember it hurting. I definitely found it more comfortable than the cannula anyway.

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