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Southern General Glasgow/QEUH - do any good experiences exist?!

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lilhen Wed 14-Sep-16 11:12:35

I'm due to give birth in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (formally the Southern General) in Glasgow in December and safe to say, I am absolutely terrified sad

Despite being terrified about the whole labour and birth thing in general (FTM), my anxiety levels are now through the roof having read heaps of really negative reviews and details of people's experiences who have given birth here.

I've been told to go into the hospital as soon as my labour starts and that it's likely that I will be in for at least 48 hours for monitoring which just adds to the worry, as I will definitely be in there for a few nights when most people in the reviews advise leaving as soon as possible!

Can anyone shed any more light on this hospital? Does anyone have any good experiences? Or any advice? Would it be worth enquiring about moving hospital to somewhere else in Glasgow?

Thank you!

LundyFastnetIrishSea Wed 14-Sep-16 11:21:25

Oh dear. This is where I'm due to go too.

I haven't read any reviews because I'm anxious enough about everything already (have quite bad antenatal anxiety).

We've been going to the parent/birth classes at the Southern and the midwife basically told us to not bother them or turn up to the hospital until we were at least 4cm dilated as we'd just be in the way.

Oh, and no need to make any noise during labour; it's unnecessary, apparently...

Which hasn't filled me with confidence.

lilhen Wed 14-Sep-16 11:54:27

Oh dear LundyFastnetIrishSea that doesn't sound good! When are you due?

I have Group B Strep so was advised by community midwife to go in as soon as labour starts as I need to get 4 hours of IV antibiotics before birth to try protect the baby but worried the Southern will say to stay at home for a bit...

I get really bad anxiety too, bloomin' terrified now. Googling is always a bad idea sad

LundyFastnetIrishSea Wed 14-Sep-16 15:02:41

I'm due towards the end of November. First baby with me too. I'm hoping I have a midwife appointment that puts my mind at rest at some stage soon!

As you have a reason for needing to go in early then hopefully that will be taken into account. Is it on your notes that she's said to go in early? You might need to make sure you speak up and don't let yourself be fobbed off if you do go into labour, in case you get someone who is initially dismissive and tries to tell you not to bother!

Wynsey Sun 18-Sep-16 23:51:05

My friend chose the Southern as she had the option due to where she lived. They have the best neonatal care apparently. She had a great experience and was in for 3 weeks prior to her section due to Pre-eclampsia & other problems. I visited her a few times a week and always found the care great. She had a good experience.

I gave birth in the Royal and had a great experience but I know many who have not had the same. I know many bad stories about Wishaw too.
Point being, don't worry, all will be well, just relax and see what happens. Xx

MintChocAddict Mon 19-Sep-16 00:33:37

Aw, try not to worry. flowers. You'll probably find that people who have had bad experiences will be much more likely to post reviews. Equally labour and birth stories are much more likely to be shared and discussed if it's been a difficult experience. All deliveries are different and many cope well.

I had my DCs in the Southern before and after the refurbishment of the delivery suites and the merger with Queen Mum's. It has certainly become busier over the years and a bit less personal IMHO however I can't fault the care my DCs got. Haven't used the hospital since the new QEH opened or given birth for a few years now, so can't comment on people's very recent experiences.

Postnatal wards were a bit hit and miss in terms of 1:1 attention but I don't think that's unique to the Southern. Partners are allowed longer visiting hours so hopefully someone by your side who can ask for help if you need it. I can't say that my experiences were too terrible (I went back after the first one wink ) and will be ever grateful for the excellent special care given to one of my DCs.
It would be worth mentioning that you are feeling vulnerable and anxious at your antenatal appointments and ask for it to be recorded in your notes. Also try to ensure that your partner/birth partner is aware of your wishes and feelings should they need to speak up for you during labour or post birth.
Good luck. Am sure all will be well. smile

MrEBear Fri 23-Sep-16 07:34:02

Prenatal and during the birth the Southern were great. We have moved area so Wishaw is closer but I'm going back to the Southern for baby 2.
I had a fairly straightforward water birth, DH stayed with me for about 4 hours after I gave birth - middle of the night until morning!

Postnatal the midwives were run off their feet. Which i think is fairly common regardless of hospital. But the night I couldn't settled DS and was exhausted close to tears, 2 midwives appeared, 1 literally put me to bed, 1 settled DS and put him to bed.

Glitterkitten24 Fri 23-Sep-16 07:37:42

I had great care at the Southern/ QE both times with my children. I was an EMCS first time, a ELCS second and under consultant care, and I couldn't have been looked after better.

The midwifes in the postnatal ward were busy of course, but if I had to buzz them they'd help me no problem.
I don't have anything to compare it to but id say I had a really good experience.

blackgoat Fri 23-Sep-16 07:44:34

Had both my babies there (Feb 2014 and May 2016), emergency section and elective section. Both experiences were great. The staff were incredibly nice and helpful. The midwives were very busy but I'd imagine that's the case at most NHS hospitals?

MrsMac1397 Mon 26-Sep-16 01:29:11

Hi I had both my kids here (Dec 2014 & Aug 2016). Both times I've had a great experience - first labour I was induced, 24hrs labour and emergency c section and second was an elective c section. The staff were lovely and helpful in both cases. Really couldn't fault them at all. I would have no issues going back there if I was ever to have more kids.

Good luck for when the time comes x

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