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Dates & RLT

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user1473371059 Mon 12-Sep-16 09:28:09


Any mums out there had much experience with eating dates and shorter labour?

Same goes with raspberry leaf tea?

Ta smile

Boomies Tue 13-Sep-16 13:58:40

No experience of whether these things help but currently buying into anything that might help and have it washed 3 dates down with some raspberry leaf tea!

mummytobecabz Fri 16-Sep-16 08:33:11

Im in a group of ladies on facebook that all gave birth in the same month, we all had RLT and the majority had short labours, mine was 2hours 44mins with my first baby so id defo say it works! smile fingers crossed for you xx

hopeful31yrs Sun 18-Sep-16 23:42:29

Went into labour after eating 6 dates at Christmas with my first. We always laugh about it but there is actual documented research on how good they are for boosting oxytocin and and reducing PPH (helps increase clotting factors and contractility of the womb). This is after eating 6 a day for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy though! I absolutely detest dates BTW (texture and too sweet for me) but have bought a large packet in order to try early this time. Just have to get them down first sad BTW I had a very short labour (4 hrs considering it was back to back) but ended in forceps due to her position.

RLT - the evidence is vague.

Obsidian77 Sun 18-Sep-16 23:48:28

No and no. Neither helped me but maybe I'm just crap at giving birth. 2h44 with first baby? Wow swoons with envy
I do think if either of those actually worked the NHS could save a fortune by making expectant mothers a cuppa rather then paying for inductions etc
But good luck.

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