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Ashpan26 Mon 05-Sep-16 23:01:39

Hi everyone I need some advice. It's a long one. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I've been asked my my mum and sister to be my birthing partner I wasn't sure what to do so just said yes to my mum as I'm new to all this and dos feel pressured between her and my sister. I mention it to my sis tonight as I'm having second thoughts about my mum i thought my sister knew but she didn't and is now making me feel bad for not accepting her offer my partner said he would rather my mum there so I thought for him aswell chose her. My problem is my mum has never been there for any of us too complicated to detail and I'm not sure what to do now my sister and I are close and she is there for me but my partner doesn't want her there again too complicated to explain has anyone been in this situation before when one person isn't happy with your decision I feel so stressed and upset

ThinkOfAWittyNameLater Wed 07-Sep-16 13:36:12

The most important thing is that YOU have the support from the people YOU want. It's not about blood relationship to the baby, it's not about what your husband wants. It's about what YOU want.

Who will make you feel comfortable? Who will back you up when having to make decisions? Who do you prefer to be around when you're vulnerable?

It's not about being first to meet the baby, or have a cuddle. Birth partners are in the room to support the mother.

Be selfish.

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