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ELCS preop- what happens? And we're you given a specific time for your ELCS?

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shabbychic1 Sun 04-Sep-16 21:46:31

ELCS Soon. Could anyone tell me what happens at the preop, when you were told to be in on the day of your section, and whether you were given a general time it would happen please? Thanks grin

shabbychic1 Sun 04-Sep-16 21:47:38

*were not we're in title. Argh bloody typo!!!!

superking Sun 04-Sep-16 21:54:16

At my preop I was talked through what would happen on the day and given instructions about what to wear/ do etc. I was given some meds (anti reflux and anti emetic) to take the night before.

On the day I had to be there for 7.30. I had been told at the preop that they scheduled 3 electives a day and they were usually all done by 1pm. Whilst I was being prepped I was told I would be first or second and then they came for me! In theatre by 9, back in my room at midday.

SueGeneris Sun 04-Sep-16 22:00:11

Same as superking although was not given the anti emetic to take. I did have to take the ranitidine (anti reflux ) and was given shaving instructions. I was told to be nil by mouth from midnight I think except a sip of water to take the second ranitidine at 6am.

Hospital for 7am I think and was told there were three electives scheduled and I was first (triage based on reasons for elcs). I had a canula put in and had to change into gown. Then three emergencies went in before me - and then me.
Good luck! I was so nervous and it was my third birth!

dylsmimi Sun 04-Sep-16 22:01:08

I had pre op meeting with consultant who signed everything off, I signed all the relevant consent forms then was given ranitidine and a wash to use 5 days before

Wondering about the day itself too - we have to be there for 7.30 but told done in the afternoon - 3 booked in but not given an order
Where do you wait? Is it in a ward or a waiting room? Where do you keep your bag?
Think it's going to be a long day!!

shabbychic1 Sun 04-Sep-16 22:21:20

Thanks. No wash for 5 days here as my preop is only the day before! Good luck Dylsmimi I'm wondering the same about where we wait etc... Would love to be first so I have the day to recover with DH before he has to leave (no overnight in my hospital). I bet everyone would too!! grin

RockCrushesLizard Sun 04-Sep-16 23:13:01

Similar to above - nil by mouth before, tablets etc. Pre-op went through all the practicalities, and took bloods.

We went in for 7:30, having been told there were two women booked in, so it wouldn't be a long wait. Shown to a prep/recovery ward, got a cubicle with bed, chair etc, and got gowned up. Bags etc stayed there while we were having the op.
Walked to theatre, wheeled back to the same cubicle for recovery- monitoring bp etc. DD born at 9:54, wheeled to the proper ward around 12. Older DD visited around five, and I was already feeling pretty chirpy!

SansaClegane Sun 04-Sep-16 23:24:44

Don't remember the pre op blush
We had to come in very early, 6.30am or something? They told us beforehand that they always book 3 women in, and aim to have all three deliver in the morning, but it would depend on any EMCS needing to be prioritised.
When we arrived, we waited in a bay with the other two ladies. All the doctors came to see us and introduced themselves, checked me, and gave us a rough timeframe (the other two ladies were higher priority than me, so I'd be the last ELCS that day).
So I knew I had some time and went for a snooze! Anyway, the plan was that one of the nurses would tell us to prep half an hour before it was our turn; but the ELCS before me was a twin birth so they didn't have a nurse to spare to notify us. Cue surprised faces all around when someone came to get us and we weren't in our OP garb yet! DH and I got changed quickly and were walked down to theatre (bizarre feeling to calmly walk in there, rather than be wheeled in at top speed, squirming in pain). It all went pretty quickly from there and our darling boy was born at 12.14pm! I'd hoped he'd be born at 12.12pm because I'm anal like that

Good luck!

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