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Illness before an ElCS - will they go ahead?

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MrsMac1397 Mon 29-Aug-16 04:51:02

I don't think there's anything anyone can do so really just looking for a bit of a moan. I'm due to get a planned c-section on Wednesday, but all week I've had a horrible cough with a sore throat. I thought I was getting better but tonight the cough is as bad as ever, plus the sore throat is back with avengance and to top it all off I've woken up with an eye infection. I feel completely worn down already and that's before a newborn and surgery to contend with. I'm going for my pre-op appointment tomorrow so wondering if they have a magic cure or will postpone surgery until these things pass?? I also have a very active toddler to run around after and a new house we've been desperately trying to fix up so we can move into it ASAP.

Acunningruse Tue 06-Sep-16 17:45:08

Bumping for you as am in.exactly same position as you (down to active DC1!) and wondering the same.

MrsMac1397 Tue 06-Sep-16 23:25:10

Hi Acunningruse - just to let you know I went to my pre-op and told them about my illnesses they checked my temperature and everything was fine. There was no mention of postponing at all. I went ahead with my c-section on Wednesday and gave birth to my gorgeous girl.

I suspect if you've not got a high temp and are otherwise fit and healthy then they'll proceed.

Acunningruse Wed 07-Sep-16 07:48:16

Congratulations MrsMac! That's great news, hope you and your baby girl are both doing well. Got pre-op tomorrow so fingers crossed!

MrsMac1397 Sun 11-Sep-16 03:31:57

Thank you Acunningruse. Hope your pre-op went well and you're feeling better. Good luck for the c-section, when it comes.

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