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Early induction

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DinkyPenguin Fri 26-Aug-16 18:56:24

Hi ladies, I'm currently 40+5 with my second child. DS1 was born naturally at 39+4 (spontaneous labour) and I wrongly assumed that this one would be slightly early too, so am feeling really fed up.

My MW tried to do a sweep on Monday but as my cervix was still 1cm thick and 1cm dilated it was very uncomfortable and she wasn't able to do it. Instead I've been booked in for an appointment at the maternity ward tomorrow at 4pm. Apparently they will carry out an exam and if they are able to break my waters they will send me home to return on Sunday (at 41 weeks) to break them then. If they can't break watts then I will stay overnight with a view to being induced on Sunday.

I was wondering whether three are any advantages to having waters broken in order to induce labour as opposed to induction via drugs? I had heard it was just as painful as contractions tend to start quickly and strongly anyway. Does it always work to induce labour too, or might I end up in the induction drugs anyway?


Halloweenbaby Fri 26-Aug-16 19:13:55

I'm still baking dc1 but from what midwife has told me (I will be being induced early so have asked lots about this) breaking waters requires no drugs as you said which means you'll be able to walk around and possibly go home whereas if you're induced you'll need to be bed bound for a while and then will definatly need to stay in hospital. At my local hospital there is a birth centre and delievery suite/ ward, the birth centre is like a hotel and as many birthing partners and visitors are allowed (something I personally liked the idea of as I'm terrified of being left alone after ds is born) if they can break your waters then you are 'allowed' to birth in the center, if you are induced, you have to birth on the ward/ delievery suite which has strict visiting hours and is generally very hospitally.
I haven't actually heard this from a midwife but from friends who have been induced and had a naturally started labour, they have all said being induced is more painful and lasts a lot longer. I don't think breaking your waters is 100% effective to bringing labour on and in my area, they will only give you 24 hours after waters breaking until they use other methods of inducing or csec

DinkyPenguin Fri 26-Aug-16 20:04:51

Thanks Halloween Baby. I planned to be in a similar birthing type centre with DS1 and have a water birth but wasn't allowed in the end as they needed to monitor me throughout labour as he was small. This is the reason I am being induced at 41 weeks this time around even though there are no concerns about this baby's growth. I was hoping for a water birth this time and had been told all along that there is no reason that I shouldn't be able to although I gather if I am to be induced then I will need to be monitored so won't get the water birth but I think I could still have it if they simply broke my waters.

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