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Placenta previa and accreta

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pitstop16 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:58:02

Hi, with my previous pregnancy I ended up with an emergency c section, at which point they discovered I had a 'morbidly adherent placenta' which I believe is placenta accreta. I am now pregnant again and I was wondering if anyone knows how likely I am to develop placenta accreta again? I have already been told that I have a low lying placenta, partially covering my cervix. I'm not even sure if they're looking out for it again, will it show on a normal ultrasound? Thanks in advance for any insight!x

DesignedForLife Tue 16-Aug-16 11:40:50

They should be automatically looking for it at your 20 week ultrasound at least, some look at 12 weeks.

I had low placenta at 20 weeks and was scheduled a rescan at 32, then again at 37 as it hadn't moved, with warnings of any bleeding or signs of labour to go direct to A&E because of the risk of severe bleeding. If hasn't moved by 32 weeks you should see a consultant who can advise, though with your history of accreadita I'd push for seeing one ASAP. Mine moved by 37 weeks, so there's always hope!

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