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Elective section timings

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Butterpuff Wed 10-Aug-16 08:51:24

Just wondering are ELCS always before due date? I was 15 days over with DC1 ended in EMCS for failure to progress. It's been suggested that I go for an Elective this time though I could sty VBAC if I want to. I think if we went ELCS and they plan then for pre 40 weeks my two buns would have very close birthdays. I know that shouldn't matter, but at the moment it's kind of feeling like a consideration. Thanks.

Nan0second Wed 10-Aug-16 09:01:12

They are normally done at 39 weeks. This balances the risk of breathing problems in baby (1%) with the risk of going into labour pre caesarean (10%).
You can delay an elective as long as you wish but that would usually be for people who would choose a VBAC if they labour spontaneously before the section.

Butterpuff Wed 10-Aug-16 09:08:33

MW did say I could try VBAC but wouldn't have a long trial before they decided on section. But once you have a go at Labour it's an EMCS not the gentle elective I've read stories about on here. I have a feeling it will be a hard decision.

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