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I'm looking for a Postnatal Maternity hotel, or private aftercare at a hospital

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thearty1 Tue 09-Aug-16 11:56:32

Do postnatal hotels exist near Hertfordshire or London?

I am due to have my second baby soon. I will pay to go private, but my GP, my midwife and even my consultant have strongly advised me not book any hospital further afield than Watford, which is 15 mins from me, as I had a precipitate labour last time (less than 45 minutes).
I am looking for somewhere that I can book and transfer to after I have given birth, that offers the sort of relaxing, private maternity care and support that you get if you book into one of the hospitals which offers private aftercare....However because I will not be having my baby at one of those hospitals, I am apparently unable to transfer onto their postnatal wards.

For anyone wondering my I am asking this. Well, I'm having my 2nd baby at Watford - reluctantly! I had the most traumatic and awful experience imaginable in March 2013 at that hospital. I have heard so many more horror stories from the mums I've since met who had their babies there at a similar time, and Watford no longer offers private care and their Knutsford Suite no longer exists, as the place is now under Special Measures!

JaneAustinAllegro Tue 09-Aug-16 12:00:29

hire an experienced maternity nurse instead?

thearty1 Tue 09-Aug-16 12:19:28

TBH i get stressed when strangers are in my house, and it's going to be cramped and chaotic enough without another adult in there who doesn't know my routine or where anything is kept, etc..

I'd really prefer to be able to book a few days somewhere relaxing, where everything is done for me.

LillianFullStop Wed 10-Aug-16 21:38:15

Hi OP I've only heard of the Mermaid Retreat in Chelsea but sadly they've closed. Not sure if there are other alternatives.

Perhaps book a few nights stay in a nice hotel room and ask a maternity nurse to look after you there instead of at home?

Meandbee Mon 12-Dec-16 16:22:57

Did you find one in the end? I would be interested to know any other options too!

Minispringroll Thu 15-Dec-16 14:51:24

Have you had a look at some other local hospitals, perhaps smaller ones? My midwife actively encourages a transfer to our local hospital MLU after birth (I've had a look around and it's lovely, very quiet and there hardly ever seems to be anyone around apart from the midwives) from the big hospital I am booked in for (much busier but I'm ftm and being at a hospital with a neonatal unit, etc. seems a little safer).

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