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Blood loss after C Section

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Colabottle10 Sat 06-Aug-16 10:41:07

I had a section last Sunday, came home yesterday (baby was quite jaundice) so first day at home is today, which is day 6 after the section.

Reading about blood loss and it's got me a bit concerned. My loss post surgery was fairly normal, not massive amounts, more like a heavy period and fell into the standard 'more when standing up due to pooling' etc etc.

Today upon changing my pad I've realised that my loss is still bright red. Reading the NHS factsheet and it says day 6-10 the loss should be more pink and not bright red, so that's got me worried. I'm expecting the MW to come today so I will of course speak to her. I may also give the post natal ward a call just to put my mind at rest, but it's always good to hear other people's experiences.

CatsAndCocktails Sat 06-Aug-16 10:50:33

The fact sheet will just be averages and not necessarily anything to worry about. I only bled for four days in total after my section. It was the first couple of periods once they returned that were really heavy for me and far more what I expected postpartum.

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