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Dcda twin delievery

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Gemslilgems16 Wed 03-Aug-16 22:03:28

Hi Ladies, was hoping to get some advice from my fellow twin mums. Im 32 weeks with DCDA twins. Both twins are head down and looking viable for natural delievery and the assumption from the drs was very much thats what way I would decide to go. They have advised me on long recovery with c section, fact that its a surgery, difficulty breastfeeding & bonding etc. But with the natural birth there seems to be equally quite a few risks involved 2nd baby distress, vaginal and c section delievery, suction and forceps! And when I have asked for stats on this they just tell me theyve a "good natural delievery rate" but most twins mums I am talking to seem to have 'opted' for c section. Im totally confused so was hoping for any pointers you might have on what helped you make the decision. Thanks Ladies

sycamore54321 Thu 04-Aug-16 02:04:31

I don't know a lot about twins but I would very seriously question some of what you report your doctors as saying. There is, as far as I know, zero evidence relating to c-section and bonding. Zilch, nada, none. So ask them very seriously why they are suggesting this to you as a factor.

Can you have a discussion with a senior consultant? C-section generally transfers the risks from the baby to the mother. In the case of two babies, one way to look at this is that with two babies, you run the risks of vaginal birth twice. The general order of safety is uncomplicated VB, planned CS, emergency CS and then complicated VB. The tricky thing is there is no way of knowing in advance if the VB will be complicated or not. To my mind, with two babies involved, that makes a strong case for planned CS - this is without even considering the specific issues relating to twin birth like greater risk of cord prolapse for baby 2, etc.

I would be very concerned the people you are speaking Are glossing over the risks and not allowing you the full information to make a real choice. I would asking r a senior doctor and for them to put their recommendation and all the risks and benefits of each option in writing.

Best wishes and congrats

Gemslilgems16 Thu 04-Aug-16 08:06:45

Thank you so much I will take your advice and ask for senior advice. This has been very helpful smile

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