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Totally confused after consultant appointment

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tillytubby Wed 03-Aug-16 15:47:22

Im pregnant with dc2, my first birth resulted in a third degree tear and I went on to develop a condition called lichen sclerosis which is a bit like eczema of the ladybits, very itchy and can cause scarring.

After a few continence issues and a very rocky first few months I had physio and am now about 90% normal and also began treatment with steroid creams to stabilise the lichen sclerosis.

I was totally convinced however that I would need a c section this time round due to the tear and skin problems. But when it came to see the consultant she was adamant that there is no reason to automatically book me for a section and was adamant I could go for a vaginal birth.

I don't really want a section but had mentally prepared myself for having to have one and am totally shit scared of the unknown outcome of having a VB again. But also I really want a VB!
I'm so confused, can anyone advise?

untinctured Fri 05-Aug-16 14:13:14

It sounds like you had a rough experience.

There is a factsheet on the RCOG website (link below) that has a bit of information on implications for future births.

Sharesinpampers Fri 05-Aug-16 20:52:19

I had a 3b tear and I am currently pregnant. At my consultant appointment 6 months following birth the gynaecologist/colorectal doctor said I would be able to have a vaginal delivery next time round. I didn't consider they may be an option.

However, my GP suggested to me early in this pregnancy that I may want to consider an ELCS. I hadn't realised how worried I was about another traumatic labour and tear until I walked out her surgery feeling better! I consulted two other midwives (who both suggested ELCS would be a good option) and read all I could on RCOG's website about 3rd degree tears and ELCS so that I could make an informed choice.

When I saw the consultant at 20weeks to discuss this delivery she clearly said I had a choice and they would support both vaginal or CS birth. I have opted for an ELCS and while I'm nervous about surgery, I would rather have this surgery rather than more surgery due to a subsequent 3rd or worse tear.

It would be worth discussing your questions and concerns with another doctor I think. Even to answer some questions. Also, search on mumsnet for a thread on subsequent births after 3rd degree tear, there was a good one somewhere!

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