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Group B Strep and/or previous PPH- what was your experience of delivery?

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Nuttypops Tue 02-Aug-16 07:57:15

Panicking slightly as I have suddenly received a consultant appointment for next week in preparation for the birth of DC2, due early Dec.

I have been told I have group b strep, and thus advised I need to go into hospital early in labour for antibiotics via IV. I also had a PPH of about 2000ml following the birth of DD1 due to an atonic uterus and required a blood transfusion. The midwife has said I am likely to need to have a cannula fitted in labour and have the syntoconin drip for 4 hours after labour to try and avoid another PPH.

Has anyone had any experience of both and/or either? Did it restrict your ability to labour and move freely? How bad was the pain with the drip afterwards? Thanks.

I ended up having an epidural with DD1 after being in labour for about 36 hours, she was distressed and I was dehydrated so I was hooked up to various drips including the syntoconin drip to hurry things along. DD was born about 7 hours later after an episiotomy and with forceps. I am very nervous of another labour where I am stuck on a bed unable to move and want to avoid another epidural if at all possible but with the need for the drip afterwards I am wondering if I am being unrealistic.

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GuessHowMuchILoveGin Tue 02-Aug-16 10:51:23

I didn't have GBS but had a forceps delivery in theatre last time, with a blood loss of 1.5L. I gave birth to my second six weeks ago. Normal delivery this time with 250ml loss. Hurrah! I had a cannula because of previous PPH and I chose to have an epidural because I have a woeful pain threshold, but no one mentioned a 4h drip and I didn't need anything. Completely different this time and I felt like a completely different person compared to last time. Good luck to you and I hope that this time is more straightforward for you as well.

billabye Tue 02-Aug-16 13:28:23

Hi Nutty I'm also due my second baby in Dec. I had a 1500ml pph last time, also because of atomic uterus. I recently had a debrief and was told that i will need a canula at the start of labour as a precaution but like the pp there was no mention of a 4 hour drip afterwards.

Nuttypops Tue 02-Aug-16 14:01:42

Guess, congratulations on your new arrival! That is really reassuring, thanks for sharing that. Interesting that the drip wasn't a given, just the cannula in case. I hope you are enjoying your little one and getting some much needed sleep!

Bill, good luck for Dec! I am going to ask if the drip is a must when I see the consultant on Tues then, thanks, just the cannula sounds much better! I don't mind the drip or anything else if necessary, but as a precaution would like to avoid it if possible. Reassuring to hear what others have been told.

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Annabrooke90 Tue 02-Aug-16 20:02:39

I've had both but in different births. My first I had an APH and PPH (reason unknow) following this I had cannulas put in place in all of my births after but I didn't have syntocin drip until my recent birth (baby no5 3 weeks ago) ds2 ds3 and ds4 were born with no further hemorrhages. I had group B strep with ds3 and this pregnancy dd1. With ds3 they gave me antibiotics through the drip as soon as I reached 4cm and then again 4 hour later.

I found I was very restricted during my labours they always wanted me hooked to the monitor and to lay down but I suspect that wasn't to do with the cannula or iv antibiotics I think that is because of separate issues and problems in each birth. Ds1 had meconium in waters, ds2 had a fast heartrate, ds3 had a few periods where his heart dipped with contractions and ds4 was premature at 34 weeks.

With dd1 three weeks ago, I went into labour at 30+4 and she arrived at 31 weeks. I did hemorrhage again, but that was due to placental abruption in labour and i ended up with an emergency csection, I did have a syntocin drip this time and I can't say I noticed it causing anything significant .... But I was already in abit of pain from the section.

I wouldn't say the cannula or the iv antibiotics alone would cause too many problems for you, and you still should beable to mobilise etc.

Mummyme87 Wed 03-Aug-16 16:39:55

GBS... Four hourly IV antibiotics. Won't affect anything with regards to labour and birth.

Prev 2litre PPH... Advise for cannula, active management of third stage and some units will advise for prophylactic syntocinon infusion which lasts for fours hours post birth to help keep your uterus contracted and stop it becoming atonic.
Your had a forceps birth last time which increases risk of PPH. Chance of needed an instrumental again is a lot less

Lovefromhull Wed 03-Aug-16 16:44:45

G B S. Had a water birth. Just kept the hand with the cannula out of the pool!

Nuttypops Wed 03-Aug-16 19:53:44

Anna, congratulations on the birth of your little girl. I hope you are both doing well.

Thanks for all of the info everyone, this has been useful to come up with questions for my appointment next week.

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divafever99 Wed 03-Aug-16 20:03:12

DD 2 had step b and was quite poorly with it. I had no idea I was a carrier. As a precaution I had to have iv antibiotics with during labour with dd2. Just make sure when you go into labour you ring the hospital as soon as possible then antibiotics can be started. The only impact it had on the labour was that I was tied to an iv bag for the duration of it. I could of still walked about but it wad a fast labour and i was in too much pain! When dd2 was born she was whisked off to special care and given iv antibiotics too, so just be aware of this. She had them for 48 hours after the birth too. Good luck

GruffaloPants Wed 03-Aug-16 22:45:39

With both I was induced due to ( my) medical reasons.

DD1 induced at 38w had pessaries, waters broken, synotocin drip, epidural, forceps and PPH of 1.2l. DD1 had group b strep colonisation but did not become ill. I felt shattered for weeks, walking difficult etc.

DD2 induced last week at 36w. Also had pessaries, waters broken, synotocin drip, antibiotic drip (plus other drips for diabetes). Labour was 5 hours, gas and air only, and I felt amazing afterwards. It was hard to be mobile due to drips in both arms plus the electronic foetal monitoring. However there were new labour beds which can move into all sorts of positions, that worked well for me. I went for upright with my legs low - sort of like being on a giant throne! I also went on the birthing ball but didn't like it. I actually delivered DD2 half sitting with stirrups - as I was being examined. I had a super managed third stage for the PPH but don't think I had hours more synotocin - pain wasn't a problem.

Biscuitswithtea Fri 05-Aug-16 15:19:03

Hi OP, congratulations on your pregnancy.
With DC1 I had 2x PPH, totalling 1.5-2l bloodloss.
When I was pregnant with DC2, I was told early on that as a precaution a cannula would be fitted upon hospital admission in labour. Strep B was detected midway through the second pregnancy and so IV antibiotics would be required every 4hrs in labour. As it happened, DC2 came early, starting with trickling waters. They managed two lots of antibiotics, and used another cannula to then induce me. The induction was fine, if speedy and intense. Morphine and gas & air saw me through. They did another drip after delivery to make the uterus contract quicker - took 4hrs. No PPH this time.

I could stay fairly mobile, so long as baby could still be monitored. I was mostly on a birthing ball, despite all the wires/tubes and whatnot. I gave birth on my side on the bed - but was only on the bed for minutes at the final pushing stage.

It was medicalised but okay. Mostly because we knew in advance what would be required, rather than any last minute crisis happening.

Try not to worry smile

Nuttypops Sun 07-Aug-16 22:21:38

Thank you, you have all been really reassuring!

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