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Attitude regarding switching from NHS care to private care?

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LillianFullStop Fri 22-Jul-16 18:53:16

I'm currently considering switching from NHS to private care. We would have to make some sacrifices to afford it and I am still swinging one way or another 3-4 times in the one day so it is by no means decided yet.

I have no complaints about my antenatal care from my community midwife so far - I really like my midwife and am lucky enough to be in an area where I get to see the same midwife for all my appointments.

But I have anxiety concerns over the overstretched staff in the hospital for labour and postnatal wards. I know this is will be the case everywhere in London.

I haven't had reason to see a doctor yet so I have only been to the hospital twice for scans. The hospital is quite old and run down and I am not at all impressed by the sonographers. My anomaly scan was pretty unprofessional with the lady taking a personal phone call in the middle of the scan and was so distracted she forgot to take a couple of checks (femur length, spotting the liver) and I had to get back on the bed after already being told it was all over. There is quite a huge difference from my experience in opting for a private scan in a clinic.

I've tried to do as much research as I can but I would like to get some advice from my NHS midwife who I trust.

What's the general attitude of staff towards people switching from NHS to private? Would they be offended and I'm better off not mentioning it until I've committed? Or would they just respect the decision and maybe even be glad at one less person in their overstretched public system?

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