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Having my c section tomorrow...

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user1468244773 Wed 20-Jul-16 07:16:37

Can you tell me the process of that happens once I arrive at 7am? I'm literally shitting it.

Thank you x

CityMole Wed 20-Jul-16 10:44:14

Did they not all/ walk you through at your pre-op? It will vary slightly between hospitals, but mine was as follows:
Arrive 6.45, go to "holding ward". Change into gown, peek round curtains to try to ascertain how many other women are on the list for elcs.
About 7.30 nurse comes to do admission paperwork and give you admission bracelet. Blood pressure is taken and legs measured for stockings.
Shortly after that, blood sample taken. (Some hosps do blood work a couple of days in advance, mine likes it done same day.)
About 8am, anaesthetist comes to have a chat, and to fill out more paperwork and the same happens with the consultant who is leading the surgical team.
The theatre nurse comes round to give out stockings and to tell you where you are in the list. We were third out of five, and told to expect to go down around 11, but slightly earlier if no emergencies, and potentially later if more than one emergency jumps the queue. (We were eventually taken to theatre at 11.45 and our son born 12.13)
First woman taken away. Fifth lady told she is allowed to have some fluids since her surgery will now not be until around 3, given likelihood of emergencies and need to stop for comfort break/ lunch.
Then, the waiting. Second woman taken. At this point I became fixated on trying to do a poo as I hadn't been in a day or two. grin It certainly passed the time and before I knew it, it was just after 11.30 and the theatre nurse was there for us. We walked with her , taking all of ur stuff, down to the recovery ward and left our stuff there, before going round to the theAtre door. Kissed DP goodbye and we were briefly separated. Him to get into a gown and hat and shoe covers, and me to get numbed up.

I walked into theatre and there is a step up to the bed. First thing they do is insert cannula. This was the only sore part for me, and only because they let the trainee nurse do it. She was v apologetic, and the registrar anaesthetist came over and resited it painlessly in about five seconds.

You get a cold liquid dabbed on your back and you are shown how to slump like a panda. then you feel a little prick which is the local. Then the spinal goes in ( I did not feel this). You are helped to lie down , a screen goes up. Your drip goes into the cannula and you are hooked up to a variety of monitors for heart Rae and BP, and once you are numb (which happens v quickly) yr catheter goes in. This all happens quickly and simultaneously and minutes later the surgeon appears, and your partner. If you have brought a cd to be played, it will start up around now because - after some final checks to ensure you can't feel anything -it is SHOWTIME!

Good luck- try to enjoy it

CityMole Wed 20-Jul-16 10:47:37

If you are interested on what happens in surgery, here is a fairly non gruesome description that still goes into a good level of detail-

CityMole Wed 20-Jul-16 10:52:48

Ps I can undersand your worries but try to relax today if you can. We didnt to get to experience fully the "day before" nerves as we were called late in the day two days before and asked if we could move fwd by a day, (I've to the following day), so we spent most of "the day before " blissfully unaware, and the last few hours running around in a flap., screaming WE'RE HAVING A BABY TOMORROW. My parents took us out for an Italian meal and I had a large glass of red and a stodgy pasta, which meant I got a decent enough few hours sleep. I heartily recommend it.

Wintersummerwintersummer Wed 20-Jul-16 12:03:27

I can't add much to City's fab post - only to say good luck! Our DD was not born until 3.10 and we were the last but we were getting to the point if thinking I was going to be sent home. It's pot luck who goes first so make sure you take some things to occupy both of you- there can be a lot of waiting around!!!! Xx

user1468244773 Wed 20-Jul-16 22:28:35

Thank you so much xx

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