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1st baby home-birth any advice?

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Solymar Thu 14-Jul-16 10:58:29


I'm currently 25+4 with my 1st baby and love the idea of a home birth, I'd always wanted a home birth since before we started TTC but then had a little wobble when we finally got our BFP and thought maybe hospital would be better?

After attending pregnancy yoga and reading up on hypnobirthing I'm now back to the original idea of a home-birth as I feel I would cope with labour so much better if I was in my own home, I just can't see myself practicing my yoga movements on a hospital floor!

I'm still very much undecided as everyone I mention it too has such strong opinions but often have never actually had a home birth! So just wondering if anyone has any stories to share, any advice or if anyone else is considered a home birth for their 1st?

Thanks xx

Chocolatefudgecurls Thu 14-Jul-16 11:09:41

I had one for my first, I knew that I wanted to be in the comfort of my own home and that I would manage the pain better there too. I think witht the first it was all a bit scary and I had no idea what to expect but being able to shower afterwards and get into my own bed was amazing! 2nd home birth I was so much more prepared for it mentally and it was a brilliant experience, I don't think I'd have been able to say that about a hospital birth, no regrets here!
Good luck x

Solymar Thu 14-Jul-16 11:32:37

Thanks Chocolate that's great to hear do you have an tips on anything you need to supply for a home birth did you need to provide plastic sheeting?

Also did you have a water birth as these seem quite common now X

Chocolatefudgecurls Thu 14-Jul-16 11:51:50

I just made up a flexi tub with stuff that I thought would be useful, I laboured in the lounge with a pound land shower curtain on the floor with an old duvet on top of that and then just a bunch of old towels and some puppy training pads (also from pound land!) to catch some of the mess but there was far less mess than I expected and the midwives cleared up and even put a wash on for megrin
I did find it useful to have everything I might possibly need in that one tub though, DH is useless and I knew trying to get him to find things wouldn't have been all that relaxing for me so having everything in one place was great. The midwives provide everything else a couple of weeks before you're due.
I didn't like the idea of bathing in a pool of my own blood etc but I know lots of people that found water a really effective pain reliever..

Solymar Thu 14-Jul-16 12:19:08

That's such a good idea having a tub with everything you might need as my OH can never find any of his own things never mind mine!! X

LemonBreeland Thu 14-Jul-16 12:24:39

I didn't have a home birth for my first but I did for my subsequent 2. My mw gave me a list of items I should have. I will try and remember what was on it. Youngest has just turned 5 so it was a while ago.

Plastic sheets - I bought disposable decorating sheets
Angle poise lamp - for mw's to see what is happening to your fanjo
Warmed towels
Be prepared to put heating on even if it's summer
Big tin of biscuits for mw's, and plenty of tea

You will also get a hb kit delivered by the mw's and will need somewhere to store that. I also had the vit k and something else in my fridge.

Have a hospital bag packed too, just in case. It is also handy so that everything you need for you to change in to and for dressing baby is all in one place.

moobeana Sat 16-Jul-16 06:50:44

No doubt I will be accused of scaremongering etc, but you did ask for opinion and experience.
If I had had a home birth DD1 would have died. 4 hours after birth she stopped breathing, I was on the post natal ward, there was no sign of any problems up to that point, perfect birth etc. Luckily we were still in hospital so the doctors were on hand to resuscitate her and get her to NICU straight away. If we had been at home I'm not sure what would have happened, but I doubt it would have been good.

One of my NCT friends opted for first birth at home. All was fine until baby got stuck (shoulder dystocia) the midwives immediately called for ambulance and tried all the manovers they knew to free the baby, but no success. This poor baby ended up with moderate brain damage. The paedatric consultant allegedly said to them that he sees more brain damaged children from home births than any other and the time delay getting stuck babies out is why.

These are just my own experiences, but personally I would never have a home birth first time around, you just don't know how you labour and what your body will do.

But I know lots of people do and find it a wonderful experience. And I would love to avoid the hideous post natal ward if at all possible, but not at the expense of my baby's health.

Solymar Sat 16-Jul-16 10:05:52

Thanks for your honesty it really is such a hard decision to make and obviously I just want to do what is better for baby so maybe that is a hospital birth X

gallicgirl Sat 16-Jul-16 10:16:43

There's a large place of birth study from 2 or 3 years back that shows a home birth is only marginally less safe than a MLU for first births and is the safest place to birth for second births.
Examples like above are incredibly rare but obviously if you're the person it happens to then it's devastating. I'm not sure if the comments by that paediatrician are backed up by any statistics .

I would say that home births are likely to be easier because you're more relaxed so there's more oxytocin. In addition you get one to one care which is constant. I believe in hospital, midwives can be caring for 8 women at a time. Midwives tend to be cautious and will recommend transfer to hospital earlier rather than later if they suspect there's a problem.

I had both my children at home and used a pool for the second which I can highly recommend. I used a tens machine and gas & air for the first but just the pool for the 2nd.
Practically, I packed 2 small cases in case we needed to transfer in, one for me and one for baby. This meant everything we needed at home could be found quickly by my DH or MW.
I loved my births and I'm so glad I didn't go to hospital. We went to the hospital to get my son's paediatric checks done at 2 days old and we waited on the post-delivery ward and it was awful. Women were coming in who'd not long given birth and there was no privacy at all. Whereas I could cuddle my baby quietly in my own bed, use a clean bathroom, get to grips with breastfeeding, all in the privacy of my home.

DowntonDiva Sat 16-Jul-16 11:14:11

I had 1:1 care throughout my labour in hospital, both in the birthing centre and when i transferred to the labour ward. I was never left alone even during emergencies with other women. When baby and I went into distress during pushing alarm was pushed, team came in and baby was out in 45 seconds.

I thought I'd try for a home birth for any subsequent babies but after my positive hospital experience I would opt for hospital again (and I used to HATE hospitals).

moobeana Sat 16-Jul-16 13:15:27

Thank you for the calm reasoned response to my post. I too am slightly sceptical of the paediatrician's comment. My friend is kind of extreme about home birth and so I'm not sure I believe what she says about is. But never the less I do have true first hand knowledge of her case and my own at the very least.

I know home birth is safe for so many and makes the whole birth experience better. As I said before I really dislike the post natal ward but I don't think I would ever attempt home birth after my first experience.

I wish the very best whatever you decide.

Greyhorses Sat 16-Jul-16 15:52:52

I didn't have a home birth but I just wanted to mention that I had a lovely birth in midwife lead unit and it was lovely. The midwives were professional and kind and I relaxed knowing everything was there should I need it. Birth was nothing like I had expected and all I had learnt went out of the window and I really needed the support of the midwife team.
My baby also needed to stay in for a few days and I would have had to go there anyway. My hospital had private rooms for all not wards.

I wouldn't discount a home birth but hospitals aren't always bad either smile

lilydaisyrose Sat 16-Jul-16 15:59:24

I've had 2 lovely home water births and am planning my third in December! I've not had a baby in hospital, so can't compare, but can't recommend home births more.

I bought a birth pool in a box with a friend (new liner each), which was amazing. Remember the mirror (if water birth) and sieve!!!

StillCounting123 Sat 16-Jul-16 16:30:19

I had my 2 DC in a midwife-lead unit in a hospital, good experience in labour, but I disliked the ward atmosphere and noise afterwards.

Recently had a miscarriage, but God willing I get pregnant again soon. I'd like a homebirth for my next baby.

Someone on another homebirth thread had linked to Homebirth Reference Site , and it's very interesting.

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