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Induction at 39 weeks?

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CloudyWithAChance Mon 11-Jul-16 22:01:54

Sorry in advance for any rambling that may will occur during this thread...

At my 38 week growth scan today, baby was shown to have decreased in growth since my last scan at 32 weeks. I've been placed for an induction on Monday next week as his weight is the equivalent to him being 36 weeks instead of 38 while throughout the rest of my pregnancy he's weighed perfectly normal to how far along he was. There are no problems with the placenta or umbilical cord and baby's not looking skinny or unhealthy, just altogether rather small. The consultant told us that it was just a precaution as he doesn't want baby's growth to slow anymore and it may be healthier for him if I was just induced earlier. My question is, since he is going to be small, will the labor (assuming there are no complications during giving birth) be the same as it would be with baby if he was still measuring normal, i.e can he still be given straight to me and treated as though there weren't any weight issues or will he be rushed away and fussed with by the doctors and midwives first? Has anyone been in this situation who could give my an insight on their experience as I'm worried for the first time in this pregnancy as this is what happened to OH although he was extremely small and complications occurred which is probably why I'm so worried. Thankyousmile

han01uk Mon 11-Jul-16 22:09:02

Hi,I'm a neonatal nurse and any induction from 37 weeks onwards shouldn't necessarily mean any changes with your post delivery plan...provided the baby is happy and well of course,which goes for any delivery. Everything will be as mature as a larger baby,lungs and organs,and even if baby is in the small side,ensure they are kept warm and fed quickly and you shouldn't have any issues. Good luck!

daisydalrymple Mon 11-Jul-16 22:11:57

I was induced with dc3 st 36 weeks for same reason, I'd been scanned as part of regular monitoring after a couple of bleeds and they said baby wasn't growing as much.

It was the most laid back and quickest labour of the three. Apart from the monitoring, the midwife was totally hands off, very little intervention, she caught him as he was born and handed him straight up to me (on my knees!) and gave us a good amount of time of chilling together before even weighing him. She could see General obs (and lungs!) were fine straight away. So if delivery is straightforward and baby comes out happy, you should have no difference. I guess each hospital will differ slightly as to checking baby over, and some babies need a quick help adjusting to the outside, but at 39 weeks, you're full term. Depending on your maternity unit, you may have an extra clinician around for second stage of labour and delivery.

Hope all goes well and speedily smile (by the way, dc3 was 7lb 2.5 oz at 36 wks, so a good weight to be a bit early. Sometimes the weights from a scan aren't so accurate).

daisydalrymple Mon 11-Jul-16 22:13:30

Ahh, X-posted with an expert grin more reliable info there than my own personal experience!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 11-Jul-16 22:16:07

They may just want to do a few random blood sugars on him (by way of a heel prick test) when he's born, bout otherwise if he's in good condition when born should be no different.

CloudyWithAChance Tue 12-Jul-16 01:27:52

Thankyou (everyone) very much for the info, huge anxious weight off of my shoulders! Thankyou for the support and luckflowers

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