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High risk homebirth (&hypnobirthing)

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SoftyBlueFace Mon 11-Jul-16 18:54:06

Hi all,

Sorry if this is long but would like some shared experiences!!

My first baby is due in 3 weeks time. I am classed as 'high risk' due to having a high bmi (40). I accept this as that is what guidelines are there for (although I have felt at times being set up to fail before even starting without being given the chance to have a healthy pregnancy)

Anyway I have been very well throughout pregnancy, normal bp, no gestational diabetes etc etc and have opted for a home birth (I have been told categorically even if I am well at the end I won't be allowed the birthing centre). i have discussed it at length with my own midwife and the supervisor of midwives who have obviously told me their concerns/risks but who have actually been quite supportive and understanding (and have recognised I have done a LOT of research both good and bad). I received my risk assessment the other day and the 2 concerns are shoulder dystocia (which is obviously something I can't control) and increased risk of post partum haemorrhage (so I've opted to have a managed third stage instead of physiological like originally planned).

So, I guess my question is, has anyone had a successful home birth at home being high risk (for same reasons or different), what it was like and how midwives treated you when they came, any tips on labouring at home as long as possible etc etc. and if/why you needed hospital transfer

I have been practicing hypno birthing too and am quite confident that my body can do what it needs to (I know not always the case but i figure better to go into it positively than negatively) so would also like some experiences on that at home if you have any 😊

Thank you for reading!!!

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