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Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:07:57

Just wondering - is it possible to buy insurance in the UK which covers labour and birth in a private hospital? I've had a quick search on the internet, but have only come up with standard policies which normally exclude pregnancy and childbirth.


itsmeNDP Wed 24-Jan-07 09:13:07

Insurance for what ? To cover any unexpected incidents during the labour/birth or insurance to cover the cost of the actual stay and treatment during a 'standard' labour and birth at a private hospital ?

I don't think there is insurance to pay for your private birth. Wouldn't be much of a money maker for the insurance company would it ? Insurance companies make money on things where the odds are in favour of them not having to pay out. Insurance for something fairly definitely imminetn, such as labour and birth following pregnancy, would be a bit pointless in the eyes of the insurer !

Have I misunderstood the question ?

Nip Wed 24-Jan-07 09:17:47

I asked this question to my private health co. They said that they only cover you for what they would call a difficult labour... as in with complications.
Forceps, C-Sections etc are not difficult aparently but if your in for more than a 3-4 days you can claim.
Not sure the indepth details of this, but if you call your company they will tell you all the facts.
Oh and my insurance company said that i had to have DS in normal hospital, but they would pay up if i have a 'difficult laboour'...
(Personally i felt 6 days of contractions was difficult - but obviously not in their eyes! )

Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:22:33

Private labour and birth - I already have BUPA cover which covers the unexpected (e.g. emergency c.s.).

I'm sure one of my friends was going on about getting this insurance and I was hoping to look into it for myself. As I understand it, it is v expensive (£2k per year or something) and you have to have it for a certain period before you can get pregnant or claim. But I can't find any providers. I wanted to read up on it as it occurred to me that if I went private for a VBAC but ended up with another emergency section it could be very expensive (whereas a planned section would have fairly predictable costs which I could budget for).

And yes, I do realise I could just go NHS, but last time I felt like I had been beaten up. I am in London and the standard of care was mostly crap - have no desire to repeat the experience! Am just considering options, really.

itsmeNDP Wed 24-Jan-07 09:26:47

£2k a year sounds a bit bonkers, especially given that there is a limit before you can claim too (is there also an excess?). It sounds to me like you might just be better off saving the equivalent cost of the annual premiums and going from there, but then I know nothing about the cost of private maternity care.

<<butts out>>

itsmeNDP Wed 24-Jan-07 09:28:51

Plibble, you just said that your BUPA covers you for an emergency section, so how would going for a VBAC and ending up with an emergency section cost you more than it would if your vbac was sucessful ? Surely the BUPA cover will cover the additional costs incurred by the emergency section ?

Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:30:31

I'm sure there are circumstances where it is better just to pay for it - in fact I think that was what my friend decided to do. But I guess it all depends on how much the hospital costs and how long you need to have the policy before claiming.

Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:33:03

Aha - you are probably right. But I need to read up on BUPA's "pre-existing conditions" exclusions. I've heard they whip that one out on repeat sections to avoid paying up!
I think if there is a banket policy which just covers everything, it might be best for me or I just need a better job so that I don't bat an eyelid when presenteds with the bill...!

Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:33:44

or "presented" even..

itsmeNDP Wed 24-Jan-07 09:34:11

Oh you betcha bum that they will have a million and one loopholes to get out of paying up !

Plibble Wed 24-Jan-07 09:43:45

The annoying thing is that last time I had an emergency section and was too overwhelmed to shout "stop! Call BUPA and make them pay!"

It would have been good to make them pay up for soemthing big, and if insurance can help relieve the burden on the NHS, so much the better.

teachersmummy Wed 24-Jan-07 10:32:17

Why go private is the waiting list much shorter than the standard nine months

starchildmum Wed 31-Aug-11 08:48:23

There are many private internatinal insurances now which cover you fully.
Bupa internatinal (bupa uk is rediculous with their firs GP systhem)
DKV globailty
Alianz worldcare etc.

Enjoy private health care!

Around 2000 pounds per year.

Sunshinecurl Wed 31-Aug-11 18:28:08

When I looked into this, I couldn't find any policies to cover UK-based women but there are lots for ex-pats and those based overseas.

starchildmum Sun 04-Sep-11 12:45:24

DKV globality is for expats (lilke me)

Bupa internatinal for everyone in the world including the UK based mum

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