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premature birth

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Annabrooke90 Sun 10-Jul-16 12:36:18

I know there is a prem birth section on here, it just doesn't seem to get much answers etc.

I'm just looking for people that have experiences with babies born around 31 weeks or so? The outcomes etc.

I'm currently 30+6 with my 5th baby, my last baby was born spontaneously at 34 weeks. He was a good weight 5ib 15 and only spent 8 days in scbu. However this pregnancy, I have been having niggles since 24 weeks with loss of plug in bits etc. 2 weeks ago that turned into a blood streaked show coming away, and back ache etc which was all too familiar from my last labour...only it was happening sooner. Friday I was admitted into hospital with regular contractions increased blood streaked loss and was given an examination, this showed there was changes happening and my babies head was felt very easily in my cervix well applied to the membranes. They gave me 18 hours worth of drugs to delay the labour from progressing and they administered steriods for her lungs. Today I have had a big show, cramping has started in my back again and contractions are back although mild. I'm hoping to hold out a few more days as I do usually labour slowly. But I feel daunted by what is to come. Obviously a baby at 31 weeks is alot different to 34 and I have no idea what to expect.


Junosmum Sun 10-Jul-16 23:21:37

Oh poor you. Here to hold your hand. I have 3 friends with prem babies - 27+6, 25+1 and 30 weeks. All done very well (27+6 has other health conditions not related to being premature) 25+1 is now 9months, 6corrected and is doing well at around 7 or 8 months development wise. 30weeks is now 1year old. she's a bit small but developmentally doing very well.

Annabrooke90 Wed 20-Jul-16 16:46:05

Just thought I would update:

My little girl arrived at 31+1 in the end. So the medication did delay it but not by loads. Went into established labour and ended up with an emergency csection at 8cm for placental abruption.

She is doing well, she is 8 days old now and has been off all breathing help since she was 3 days old. She weighed a very healthy 3ib 14oz (currently 3ib 8) and is on hourly tube feeds. But now the only aim is to get her growing and to establish feeding.

Strokethefurrywall Wed 20-Jul-16 22:14:18

Congratulations on your baby girl OP, I'm so pleased she is doing well. Does she have a name?

I hope you're getting support and are recovering ok yourself?

Your baby girl will be home with you before you know it, hang in there thanks

Annabrooke90 Thu 21-Jul-16 07:25:12

Hi thankyou smile

Yes she is called Arabella.

I am doing ok, recovering quite well now. It was all a very eventful traumatic experience in the end after a few complications, so I am booking a debrief to find out exactly what happened so I can put my mind to rest. But we are both doing great now.

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