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If you were booked in for a c section..

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verytiredmummy1 Thu 07-Jul-16 20:32:08

Sorry for another question.
If you were booked in for a section and then went into labour before this date what happened? Did you have a section or have a natural labour (if that was available to you)? X

Batboobs Fri 08-Jul-16 07:21:54

I have been reading up on this a lot, and have asked my midwife and consultant as I'm a bit worried because my section is booked so close to my due date.

It seems that as long as you get to hospital with plenty of time to spare, you will get a low-priority emergency caesarean section. That said, midwives can be dismissive of early labour symptoms, and I have come across plenty of accounts where women are either encouraged to have a vaginal birth, or they're kept waiting until there is no other choice but to deliver vaginally.

throwingpebbles Fri 08-Jul-16 07:35:24

I was booked in for elcs (after tricky first birth) but went into labour early, they were going to send for a CS anyway but then my labour was very fast.

Bottomchops Fri 08-Jul-16 07:36:38

You still get the choice.

mouldycheesefan Fri 08-Jul-16 07:44:20

I went into labour six week early still had a section but it was an emergency section. Had to wait 9 hours for it though and be transferred to another hospital during labour but that was due to insufficient NICU availability at the original hospital.

verytiredmummy1 Fri 08-Jul-16 18:19:07

I was just worried it would then be an emergency section which is what I'm trying to avoid by have an elective section (dreadful EMCS last time)

Idontknowwhoiam Fri 08-Jul-16 18:22:36

It wouldn't be an emergency section as in crash or high priority.
They would take you in for a section but it will be calmer than a typical emergency that results from labour not progressing etc.
I had tightenings regularly from 30 weeks with dc3 and ended up having steroids incase I went early as they don't like to do sections before 39 weeks.
With dc2 I was kept in on 3 occasions incase I went into labour as was having regular tightenings but ended up getting to the elective date at 39 weeks.

Alwaysinahurrynow Fri 08-Jul-16 18:30:27

I've had two non-emergency EMCS and they were fine. First time, baby was breech and I was five hours from waters breaking to being in theatre, second time I was trying for a VBAC but gave up after 9 hours from waters breaking, asked for a section at 9am and was in theatre at 1pm (was still not an emergency at that point). Definitely not a crash type experience for me in that it was all very calm.

Booked in for an ELCS at 39 weeks this time as both previous births have been earlier. I asked what would happen if I went into labour early, they said to head straight in and you would go in the queue potentially jumping ahead of some electives and behind proper emergencies. Clearly they can't guarantee who else will be in more need of intervention at any point.

poorbuthappy Fri 08-Jul-16 18:38:56

1st pregnancy went into labour 3 days before cs. Gave me the choice and I went with VB. (Medical reason for cs)
2nd pregnancy (twins) went into labour 2 weeks prior to cs date. Laboured for 3 hours then twin 1 got stuck so to theatre we went.

ArcticMumkey Fri 08-Jul-16 18:44:42

This happened to me. Went into hospital 5 days before planned section date when I thought my waters had broken, they hadn't (cringe) but as DD was breech and growth restricted they decided to do the section that day anyway. I do think they were 'quiet' on the ward so just thought they might as well get it out of the way. All very quick, arrived at hospital at 7:30 she was born 10:09!

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