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Help! Question!

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LouBlue1507 Thu 07-Jul-16 15:08:27

Hi Ladies!

I'm booked in for a growth scan tomorrow and I'll be 39 weeks, I'm measuring for weeks behind and this is my second episode of static growth.

The midwife said yesterday that I'll have a scan then ill need to see someone to 'discuss my options'.... Will I be induced??

Thanks xx

emmabrown123 Thu 07-Jul-16 18:49:45

This happened to my friend. She was measuring behind and scan showed baby hadn't grown as much as they would've liked. She was asked to come in the next day for an induction.

Baby was fine, actually quite a good size! 7lb something I think.

I'd make sure you've got your hospital bag in the car, just in case. Good luck X

isthistoonosy Thu 07-Jul-16 18:52:03

I was advised to expect to stay in or come back soon depending on how busy they were when I had a late growth scan with my first. Exciting times for you smile

SusanAndBinkyRideForth Thu 07-Jul-16 19:33:11

Meh. I was measuring 3 weeks behind with dd2, and had a growth scan at 39 weeks which predicted a 6lb something baby. DD was born 9 days later at nearly 9lb...
- it's not an exact science!

LouBlue1507 Thu 07-Jul-16 20:34:53

Thanks ladies! I'm excited and nervous!

tappitytaptap Fri 08-Jul-16 09:42:32

Growth scans seem to be quite inaccurate. I had a scan to check position at 38 weeks and was told he was measuring bang on average but was a titchy 6lb-er when born. Caught up a little since birth! Ironically after my 20 week scan was called back as his abdomen was measuring large. Was worried he would take after my husband - a 10lb baby - rather than me, a 5lb 2oz baby. So don't worry too much about scans OP grin

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