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Placenta accreta

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pitstop16 Thu 07-Jul-16 11:21:36


I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with my second child grin with my previous pregnancy I ended up having an emergency c section and they then discovered I had placenta accreta (where the placenta had attached abnormally and wouldn't come away) so they had to scrape it away from uterus and I lost a lot of blood. I also then developed preeclampsia (although I don't know if this was related to the accreta or not hmm)

My first question is, has anyone else experienced something similar and ended up having it happen again in the next pregnancy? I'm so worried it will happen again and I'll end up having a hysterectomy sad

My second question is, can I opt for an elective c section on the NHS? I asked when I had my first appointment with the consultant but she dismissed me and said I should try for a natural birth, but I'm too worried about the placenta and preeclampsia issue to try naturally again, I also had a 5 day labour and couldn't get passed 4cm so that's another concern for me. But I feel like I'm being forced away from the choice envy

Annecyblue Fri 26-Aug-16 09:11:08

Hi Im new to mums net and have just seen your message.
I had placenta accreta with my first child 12 years ago and had a terrible time at his birth, loosing lots of blood but luckily did not have a hysterectomy.
Two years later I was pregnant again, I felt so worried about the birth, and remember breaking down in floods of tears at my first consultant appointment. But my consutlant was very matter of fact about it saying well baby has to come out.
I was offered a ceserean, and they ensured bloods were matched and ready should I need them.
My second birth experience was so much different, I remember it and was able to feed her straight away. I do wonder if I could have had a natural birth.
I understand what you going through, I hope this helps, I would push for a cesearen if thats what you want.

Mummyme87 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:31:04

They should scan for accreta/percreta in this pregnancy and plan for delivery.

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