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Elective C-Section

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Idea86 Sun 03-Jul-16 19:13:03

Hi I'm a newbie to Mumsnet however have friends who use the site and has been highly recommended. Any help would be appreciated.

I'd like to have an elective c-section for child birth, when it comes round. Currently trying to conceive.
However I'd like to have this in my mums county, which is different from where I reside.
Has anybody gotten an elective c-section? And if so do you decide where this happens?

Many Thanks!

underrugsswept Sun 03-Jul-16 19:14:41

What is making you think you want one? Recovery from a natural birth tends to be quicker and you're talking about some pretty major surgery there. I know people who have had them and it's definitely not the easy option - I'd take a natural birth every time personally.

HolesInTheFloor Sun 03-Jul-16 19:18:56

Why do you want a c section? If using nhs, although apparently you have a choice, you have to be prepared to really fight your corner sometimes.

I had a vaginal prolapse with dc1 and subsequent repair surgery and was told if I gave birth vaginally there was a good chance I'd haemorrhage. I had to be referred to a consultant when pregnant with dc2 and was told there was a good chance I'd be allowed a c section but they wouldn't confirm until I was 34 weeks. I was so terrified they'd say I wasn't allowed one wee remortgaged the house so I could go private.

Not sure what the deal is if you want to give birth in a different county I'm afraid.

Idea86 Sun 03-Jul-16 20:53:07

It's a personal choice, from my family/friends vaginal birthing experiences have been extremely traumatic.

Not only did I nearly kill my mum, she had a 3rd degree tear, there was also an issue with the placenta and she bled out. She required blood transfusions and emergency surgery.

Not to mention vaginal tearing; causing urinary/fecal incontinence. My friend requires physio a year down the line and still hasn't recovered...

Just to name a couple of things that have made me sway in the direction of c-section.

FaFoutis Sun 03-Jul-16 21:01:43

Which country?
I'm in the UK. Decided on ELCS on the nhs and it wasn't questioned at all. I got to choose the hospital too. I would have remortgaged the house if I'd had to, but it was easy in the end.

Idea86 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:08:55

Thanks FaFoutis for the constructive answer.

Yes, it'll be in the UK.

We have enough in savings to go private, if necessary.

I was hoping someone had the experience, so I know what's possible and to prepare! :-)

GirlOutNumbered Sun 03-Jul-16 21:12:48

I had an elective, but it was my second and I had an emergency in the first one.
I have no idea about the battle you will have but for me, I just said yes please and they said ok!
It was amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to have another. It probably depends on who you talk to, just keep asking I guess.
Sorry, not sure if that was helpful.

pitterpatterrain Sun 03-Jul-16 21:12:58

Second time so maybe not so relevant but discussion of ELCS has faced no challenges in the slightest despite receiving a letter at booking indicating the trust/hospital are against it - the consultant was very open to my choice as the priority. Note first time was EMCS after induction not sure what their attitude would be if first birth.

FaFoutis Sun 03-Jul-16 21:20:36

From what I can tell how much resistance you get depends on your midwife and your consultant. Also on what the current policy is in particular hospitals.
If booking in the UK you will only get a midwife at first; ask for consultant led care, that is the way towards a c-section. Consultant led care is usually for higher risk pregnancies (prevous miscarriages, age, other relevant physical or mental problems) but should be triggered if you ask for a c-section.
You might have to be very determined with community midwives though, they are generally not fans of CS.

I agree with your reasons, by the way. C-section birth is lovely.

calamityjam Sun 03-Jul-16 21:26:03

I have had one emergency section followed by 3 fantastic elective sections. I haven't had any recovery issues at all with any of my sections and was on my feet with all of them within 12 hours and once I was home I was back to normal in every way.

Lisad1975 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:27:09

There was complications involved with c section too. Its a big recovery too.

calamityjam Sun 03-Jul-16 21:31:19

Lisad, that really depends on the person and the reason for the c section. My recoveries were a lot easier than some of my friends who had vaginal births. Having said that it is major surgery which does always bring the element of risk.

Tonis2297 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:49:06

Hi smile I've had two elective c-sections (first was due to my son being disabled theatre was filled with medical staff) second was just convenience I knew exactly when I would give birth which made things easier to cater for the oldest ie childcare if you have any questions you can pm me if you like smile

Idea86 Sun 03-Jul-16 22:20:50

Thank you all very much for your responses, this has eased my mind somewhat.
I've heard that you may have to fight your corner and give various reasons.
I'm happy to provide them with reasons, but from my understanding the NHS has to give the opportunity for choice.

FaFoutis - thank you for the information about the consultant led care pathway.

I understand the risks with C-section and with having a vaginal delivery. I've researched both sides of the 'argument' and I strongly feel the c-section will benefit me more for a variety of reasons.

Once again thank you all for your input, it's very much appreciated.

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