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Footling transverse

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andpropersteel Wed 29-Jun-16 11:32:15

I've been trying to find information on footling transverse babies but it seems to be really rare (everything is footling breech, or back down/belly up transverse). Basically baby is sort of crouching very low, with his feet engaged, legs folded into the pelvis, bum on one hip, head on the other. Has anyone any experience of one?

Had a growth scan booked and a few days beforehand I felt what I assumed was a head/shoulders grinding/twisting in my pelvis, as the midwives thought the baby was in LOT/LOA with head engaged from feeling my bump. However, the sonographer found that actually both the baby's feet were presenting v. low down in my pelvis so that's what I could feel. Ouch.

Since then I've had no high kicks or stretching out under my ribs any more, just big bulges either side pressing out at the same time, and kicks to the cervix. A few times it has felt like the baby was trying to squirm/climb/turn with his feet balanced on the rim of my pelvic bones, and then slip off (painfully, right in the cervix!) back down.

Everything else on the scan came out fine, good fluid levels, baby very healthy and larger than they'd thought (he's around 75th centile, whereas the fundal height was measuring 10th centile). This is my first baby, I'm 5ft 2 and I did a lot of pilates and strength training before the pregnancy, I read that a strong core can give babies less room to manoeuvre?

Couldn't get an appointment to see my midwife until next week, I'm not too concerned as he was very healthy on the scan and is a wriggler, but I've got to confirm and pay for my reserved birthing pool (planned home birth) soon and if there is no chance at all that he'll flip I'd rather not waste the money if I have to have a ELCS anyway confused

I'm happy to have a planned c-section if I have to. I know there is a greater risk of cord-prolapse with transverse footlings if you do end up in spontaneous labour so would a ELCS be booked early at 37 weeks if the baby still hasn't moved?

I'm 34 weeks at the moment, the scan that confirmed the position was 2 weeks ago.

Any experiences?

andpropersteel Wed 29-Jun-16 11:38:17

Forgot to mention that I have an anterior placenta and have therefore been following all the 'spinning babies' advice for optimal foetal positioning religiously since the second trimester to avoid a posterior position. Been doing yoga, no lovely comfy reclining on the sofa (hello birth ball and all fours!), sleeping on my left, long walks. Bum in the air most of the time! envy

Shortybabe Wed 29-Jun-16 15:34:59

If the baby is not fully cephalic or breech then you will be strongly advised to go for ecv at 37 weeks and/or elec cs. With first babies your muscles are stronger and baby is less likely to turn without aid. Elective cs are done at 39 weeks to reduce risk of neonatal respiratory distress. I'd say it's a big risk to pay for the home birth pool until 37 weeks, so you will have to decide if it's a price you'd be willing to risk in order to have that option. X

andpropersteel Thu 30-Jun-16 14:16:33

Thanks, do you mean that at 37 weeks I'd be booked in for 39, or it'd happen at 37?

Luckily the company don't take the money until I confirm after 36 weeks so I might be able to ask for an extension (or, hopefully, the baby will have turned by then!).

Did you have a transverse yourself?

Shortybabe Thu 30-Jun-16 18:16:48

Ecv at 37 weeks and if unsuccessful then cs at 39 at most hospitals. I had a breech but am also a midwife. Good luck. X

Quodlibet Mon 04-Jul-16 04:35:11

I've read/heard that some people get a good result from a chiropractor, as tight pelvic floor/hips/psoas can make it harder for baby to position. Might also be worth a try?

Joinourclub Mon 04-Jul-16 05:23:49

If at 37 weeks the position has not shifted, it is likely you will be offered an Ecv, and if that is unsuccessful then they will probably admit you until 39 weeks.

3littlebadgers Mon 04-Jul-16 05:52:49

The best of luck to you flowers as long as baby and you are healthy at the end of the day that is all that matters.
If it helps at all dd1 was a homebirth and I bought myself a birthing pool. I was very excited about using it, but on the night it was the last thing I wanted to do so it all went to waste anyway.

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