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Anyone else in pre-labour limbo?

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Quodlibet Wed 29-Jun-16 09:33:03

I am and it's a bit dull. Anyone else in the same limbo and want to share a moan?

Had a night of contractions on Saturday night (37 weeks) and frantically scrabbled to get bag ready, toddler looked after, baby stuff down from loft only for it to all wear off again. Another night of contractions on Monday night but again nothing in daytime.

I am knackered now, finding it hard to do anything active (or even walk far) and slightly dismayed that this could go on for weeks... Feeling very 'done' with pregnancy even though I am still 2.5 weeks off 'full term'. And equally, pretty unprepared still for birth or a newborn!

Quodlibet Wed 29-Jun-16 20:41:39


laurenwiltxx Wed 29-Jun-16 22:10:54

Its my due date tomorrow, and started having on and off since 38 weeks. She's very much engaged but reluctant to come out. I'm trying so hard to just accept it will happen when it happens buy come on!!! Stop teasing right!! Hope yours starts soon grin

MrsRolly Thu 30-Jun-16 09:34:15

Yes!! Since Sunday, every evening and then especially when I get into bed. I keep thinking is this it!! Absolutely driving me nuts, my DD was also born at 37 weeks so I am now officially more pregnant than I have ever been and totally over it ;)

I have the midwife today so waiting to see if I am engaged etc at all. Hope you go into labour soon smile

Obsidian77 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:46:51

Same, am 38wks with DC3 and having the night-time contractions plus nagging low backache, nausea etc. It's exhausting, physically and mentally. I had something similar for the entire last trimester of my previous pregnancy so when the birth finally happened (induced at 41wks) I was beyond knackered. Am now trying to take it easy putting my feet up and watching Wimbledon and eating Jaffa Cakes faster than our local convenience store can restock them. Hope your little bundles of joy arrive soon.

Quodlibet Fri 01-Jul-16 10:58:57

I'm not the only one in this sorry state then! How's everyone else doing today?
Yesterday I felt fine, almost normal, full of energy, went into Central London to do some shopping etc. Then more contractions overnight (stronger than before) and today I am all achy and still in bed!

Midwife later so we will see what she says.

Babytalkobsession Fri 01-Jul-16 15:20:22

Hi, I'm not in pre-labour but now 3 days overdue and still nothing!!
Had a mucus plug / show type thing after a sweep and a few tightening as but nothing 'proper' yet.

DS1 was born at 39+2 so just assumed this one, being my second, would be here by now.

I'm so fed up. Feel ok but can't play with my toddler very well, feel guilty that he's going to nursery / grand parents etc a lot but I just can't spend all day on the floor with him!

I need this baby out pronto...

MaverickSnoopy Fri 01-Jul-16 16:42:33

40+2 here. I've been having cramps on/off for the last two weeks. Was 3cm and well engaged on Wednesday when I had my sweep. Had immediate pains for the rest of the day and then nothing at all yesterday. I've lost my plug this afternoon and have constant cramps but no contractions, although occasional waves, but no pattern. Was talking to someone the other day who said they just had dull cramps and then they just gave birth. Worried this will be home! With my first my waters broke and I had immediate contractions and so I just knew!

SoniaShoe Fri 01-Jul-16 20:27:33

Me too.. I'm 40+1 today and starting to get a bit fed up feeling like I'm wasting precious mat leave days. I'm not very good at sitting around doing nothing but I've got no energy to do anything. Not getting a sweep until Tuesday but hope something happens before then.

I have cramps every evening for a couple of hours but nothing more yet..

Obsidian77 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:27:58

Wow Quodlibet, you went shopping in Central London? Respect, all I can manage is shuffling round Tesco...good luck ladies, it's slightly comforting to know this is normal. Chuffing uncomfortable but normal. Sigh

Babytalkobsession Sun 03-Jul-16 05:35:19

Any progress anyone? I'm 40+5 today and been getting cramps / lower back ache over night but still nothing that makes me think it's starting.

Come on babies!

cheapredwine Sun 03-Jul-16 07:57:43

Am 39+3 and had about an hour of pretty sharp full on cramps yesterday afternoon, but nothing since. Just want to crack on now TBH. Booked in for induction on Thurs and would be great to get things going before then!

Quodlibet Sun 03-Jul-16 20:53:17

Obsidian yes I had a sudden spurt of energy - it's only one bus away for me though. And we were shopping for beds so lots of lying down.

Today I have been helping lay a floor in the hope that that will get him out! Knackered now though...

MaverickSnoopy Mon 04-Jul-16 14:14:40

40+5 today and still nothing. Cramps have now totally stopped. Although baby moving is now bordering on painful because of lack of space. Pelvis is shot and I just want baby to come now. I've got my second sweep booked in for tomorrow and we'll discuss induction. I don't want to be induced, I desperately want it to happen naturally (especially as this is likely our last) but I'm worried about the risks of not being induced beyond 42 weeks. Probably getting ahead of myself.

Babytalkobsession Mon 04-Jul-16 22:22:59

After no signs at all yesterday, I woke with very mild contractions at 4:30. By 9am I was in hospital and by 1:30 we had a beautiful DS2. In and out, home by teatime! I was 40+6.

Keep going everyone, it will happen soon. For what it's worth me & DH had sex last night, not gonna pretend it was sexy but it seems to have done the trick!

littleladybird14 Tue 05-Jul-16 12:23:41

Was my due date yesterday and no sign! Midwife said she is only 2 or 3/5 engaged but second baby so could happen suddenly at the end. Feeling tired and not wanting to go anywhere but also fed up in house with my 3 year old who is spending way too much time on iPad but don't have energy to play! Been putting off the idea of sex for weeks but might try tonight on the basis of getting this baby out! Poor DH!

MaverickSnoopy Tue 05-Jul-16 16:09:16

Congratulations babytalk! flowers amazing that you were home by teatime.

Littlelady, I've been 3/5 for the last few weeks, midwife told me today that it doesn't have much bearing on when baby is due and they focus on how much you're dilated and how thick the cervix is.

I'm now 5cm with waters bulging...midwife came this morning and said she was sure that I will have the baby within the next 24hrs...but then she also thought I'd be in hospital a couple of hours after my second sweep today...and so far I'm proving her wrong.

Good luck ladies.

cheapredwine Tue 05-Jul-16 18:38:13

baby aw brilliant news, congratulations!

maverick ooooh that sounds promising! Hope waters don't go anywhere dodgy though. Or ruin a mattress etc.

Think we'll be heading down the induction route here at this rate, precisely fuck all happening. So roll on Thursday morning I say.

Quodlibet Tue 05-Jul-16 20:08:01

Amazing news Babytalk! You are giving us all hope!

Well, the due date I predicted for myself (4/7) has been and gone. Baby turned a funny way up at last midwife appt but a scan today confirmed back to head down thank god.

MaverickSnoopy Wed 06-Jul-16 12:23:07

Well I'm still here over 24 hours later. Had back cramp all day yesterday but no contractions. All back to normal today (41 weeks) aside from some very minor cramps when baby moves. I even attempted sex last night which was a massive failure thanks to extreme discomfort/cramps/PGP/massive bump/general not in the mood. I was 41+3 with DC1 so I'm still hoping. How is everyone else fairing?

SoniaShoe Fri 08-Jul-16 17:22:50

Good to hear a positive story. Thanks babytalk

I'm 41+1 today and just had 2nd attempt at sweep but my cervix is still far back and closed. The midwife pulled my cervix forward to try to help it along which was very painful. Hoping something happens this weekend....

Missingcaffeine Sat 09-Jul-16 04:18:24

39 weeks here. My first came at 39 weeks, so this is the most pregnant I've been. Feeling so uncomfortable the last 24 hours and I can't sleep as so uncomfortable. Looking after my toddler is getting more challenging and tiring.
Had braxton hicks for the last 2 weeks almost constantly too.
Congratulations to those who have had their babies and good luck to the rest of you.

MaverickSnoopy Sat 09-Jul-16 09:24:54

Well I'm still waiting at 41+3. Now totally fed up. Seeing the midwife this morning so will see how dilated I am then and will have another sweep.

Quodlibet Sat 09-Jul-16 20:55:48

Missingcaffeine snap, I am also 39 weeks today. And increasingly incapable.
At my midwife appt yesterday she noticed that no-one had reviewed my 28 week bloods - and when she rang, it turns out my iron was low. So I've possibly been anaemic for the entire third trimester! That would explain lack of energy then. Now on massive doses of ferritin to try to correct it and quite annoyed.

MaverickSnoopy Mon 11-Jul-16 14:21:52

Quodlibet, this happened to me with dc1. Except they didn't pick up on it until dc was 4mo and I was on my knees. Spartone is really good at sorting out your iron and is gentle on your tummy.

In other news I'm now 41+5 which means that I'm being induced in 2 days if nothing before. I really don't want to be induced so positive labour vibes everyone please.

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