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Best place for tens machine hire?

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TheBlonde Mon 22-Jan-07 10:23:14

I hired a tens from Boots last time which was fine - local pick up etc

Any other recommendations for cheaper or better machines? Thanks

nappyaddict Mon 22-Jan-07 12:24:45

i bought one for £24.99
freedom tens machine

twickersmum Mon 22-Jan-07 12:40:22

this is a great TENS machine i used it with DD2, i found the Boots one (used with DD1) too complicated, too many levels!

crimplene Tue 23-Jan-07 13:11:10

I bought one off ebay, got some new pads for it and then ebayed it afterwards - I think I made a net loss of about a fiver.

HappyBunny10 Tue 17-Jul-07 11:49:19

Message withdrawn

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