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C section after previous trauma c section

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Lisad2408 Sun 26-Jun-16 12:07:28

Hi, I'm going in for my c section with my third baby this week. Last c section was July 2013 and I had a hard time as my uterus didn't contract after my daughter was born and I lost a lot of blood and was on the operating table awake for 3 hours plus and being told I was having a hysterectomy. Obviously they managed to save it as I'm pregnant again but it was traumatic for me. I'm just wondering if anyone had the same thing but went on to have a normal c section afterwards? Everyone saying to me it's under different circumstances this time as I'm not as heavy as I was that pregnancy and all I got was mental abuse and stress off my daughters father the whole pregnancy that time but this time my new partner is very supportive and is lovely towards me and my daughters and we are all very happy. Thanks for taking time to read smile

mrsnec Sun 26-Jun-16 12:26:49

I had an emcs then an elcs 16 months later.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a hard time the first time round.

My experience was that I had a transfusions, then 12 hours on hdu lying flat on oxygen with my first. I think I was on the table for well over an hour so not as bad as yours.

Second time, no transfusions needed, much quicker procedure, no oxygen, only a few hours hd. But same recovery and same hospital stay.

Good luck op. I can remember being worried and asking the same questions. I took iron supplements the second time round and had haemoglobin levels checked regularly and I wondered if that helped.

Lisad2408 Sun 26-Jun-16 14:10:49

Hi, that was my second c section (elective) as my first daughter I had an emergency and couldn't go naturally so had to have elective last time and this time round. I am on vitamins tablets this time too.

mrsnec Sun 26-Jun-16 14:52:54

I think your anxiety is understandable and I would be inclined to just trust your doctors but make sure they're aware of your history. I am sure that your change in circumstances this time round will help though as will keeping yourself as healthy as possible. I took my supplements religiously despite side effects and wouldn't have even attempted to go natural. It doesn't bother me in the slightest that I didn't experience labour.

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