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Can't lie on right side post CS

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locomomma Sat 18-Jun-16 15:34:55

Hi mums,
Had my beautiful baby boy by elective CS on weds and discharged today. I am amazed in general at how well I've been and the scar is so neat. The only complaint I have is when I try to lie on right hand side. I get this sharp burny sting at the extreme end of incision. This doesn't happen on left side. Midwives said it was normal to feel sore on the side they closed you up. Myself and DH have looked and there appears to be about 2 cm of stitch sticking out too.
My question is whether it should be so bad to prevent me from lying on that side and how long I can expect it to last? It's making side lie BF impossible and I normally sleep on that side too. Thanks in advance for any help.

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