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Preeclampsia, labour just do not know what to expect!

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bippitybopityboo Thu 16-Jun-16 01:35:55

Hi all 36 weeks pregnant I have mild preeclampsia which is being controlled currently with labetalol. It was diagnosed at 32 weeks.
Just wondering if this will in anyway affect my labour. This is my 1st and I'm so anxious and clueless about what to expect with labour and how I'm going to get through it.

Any advice or experience welcome!!

carmelsundae Thu 16-Jun-16 20:41:28

I had mild pre-eclampsia too, they didn't let me go over my due date (was booked for induction but went naturally the day before) I needed a couple extra doses of labetalol during my labour which didn't help too much! They thought the pain was impacting too much on my blood pressure so had an epidural at their recommendation. Meant I was lying on my back in bed for most of the labour! They also put a limit of an hour on pushing before they'd intervene but again I delivered before then! They took my blood pressure every 10 mins for the whole labour and that was moat annoying having that cuff in constantly! I've nothing to compare it too, bit generally thought the labour was OK (after I'd had the drugs!!) Currently 26 weeks with no 2 and obviously not wishing pre-eclampsia again, but would cope with a similar labour! Good luck, don't let it stress you!

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